12:24pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the Page Six


By conehead
My first time? I can't even remember my last time.
By Nilbog
Treach, you loser. I regularly relive BOTH of my sexual experiences. At least the parts before all the crying.

My crying.
By BiggusDickus
Yesss! Hot girl news has moved to the front page! And is this one ever cute!

By dustrider
Does the deflowerer in the porn video get to jump up and down on a sofa in front of a rich six-toed black woman before the dirty deed is done?

By sawbuck
The rich six-toed black woman will be operating the camcorder.

After the male lead is spent, he will take over on camera, and the black woman and Katee will do some salt'n'pepa action.
By Texas Bob
Stupid girl. Just more fresh meat for the grinder. How proud her parents must be. (unless Sunny Lane is her sister, if so, then never mind)
By DarkUrthe
Man, it Tom Cruise's turkey baster could talk....
By jd nyc
or L.Ron Hubbard's


By sarahk
is Katie sitting in front of Lex Luthor's mansion in that picture?
By DarkUrthe
No that is her naturalistic enclosure in the Tom Cruise mansion's zoo. Women are kept there for reference in case he forgets what one looks like...
By Allen Smithee
No, no - he definitely knows what Breeders look like.

He's only TRYING to forget.
By rothaic
As if Treacher never had sex with Tom Cruise. HA!

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