6:17am on Tuesday the 19th of November
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Fresh from the Medved on Reliable Sources, 5/20


By tootsie
so glad you brought up this important topic, Treacher! Exactly what does "donkey punch" mean? Is it something to do with beastiality, or cruelty to animals.... or both?


By Jim Treacher
By R.E.O. Speedwagon
I hereby declare Monday night's Red Eye as Bill's gayest show.

Tongue rings followed by cock loving, not cock fighting. Why doesn't he just let his freak flag fly?
By salvator m
over 30 years ago george carlin did his "7 words you can't say" on TV. today not only are there words you can't say, but you can't use terms that connote something, even if the term is made up and has no basis in reality.

i propose that the daily gut and red eye conduct a contest in which we make up a phrase that means something ala donkey punch, but consists of words that are harmless by ...
By salvator m
themselves...once we chose the phrase and the act it defines, we spread it via the internet and wait for someone on the airwaves to use it and subsequently get suspended or fired for using it.

for instance "the rusty trombone" can be used as a phrase to replace really blew it, as in tiger woods rusty tromboned that last putt.
By dustrider
Dear God, whatever the Fox people do, don't let that bluenose Bill O'Reilly anywhere within earshot of the "Red Eye" tapings (or if they do, come up with a new sex term like "Oompa Loofta" or something like that that will have him scrambling for the exit).
By DarkUrthe
I would still like to see Michelle Malkin on Redeye... if for no other reason she is the only Fox babe to not be on the show... and Rachel would have someone to talk to and take notes on how to be conservative and funny.
By DarkUrthe
Greg has not made reference to Cleveland Steamers yet....
By DarkUrthe
REO, I think he has... that aqua sports coat speaks volumes...
By conehead
I got your rusty trombone right here.
By wankette
Sidebar to the "Seven Words"...now there are only 5 from that original list; 4 if you're talking basic cable.

Anybody remember that routine? "...[the reason those two words] are on the list is that, a long time ago, certain ladies said, 'Those are the two I'm not going to say!'"

The best part is when he substitutes one of the 7 words for "kill" in a Western movie cliche...Classic.
By salvator m
"shit, piss, fuck, cunt,cocksucker, motherfucker and tits....tits doesn't even belong on the list man...."

add donkey punch, nappy headed hos, and a host of others...
By conehead

Ensure "faggot" is on the list, as well as "islamic terrorist".
By tootsie

>>...Andrea Nemerson, sex columnist for the San Francisco Bay Guardian, "There's no such thing as a 'donkey punch.'"... Similarly, Dan Savage, the editor of the Seattle The Stranger & author of sex advice column Savage Love, has called it "a sex act that exists only in the imaginations of adolescent boys.">>

the term is fitting to this board. no offence intended.

(except ...
By Jim Treacher
But the "angry pirate" is real, right???
By jd nyc
not in all cases - to a double amputee, it's really just a concept
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