12:27pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the TMZ


By tootsie

i knew Pamela Weisenbach in L.A. before she married The Hoff. We went to clubs together in West Hollywood. For a girl from Oklahoma, (her Oakie twang was intense)Pam did very well for herself after *working her way West to become rich and famous. Last i heard she was dating comedian, Joe Papaglio. Forward two years i read she had married David Hasselhoff!
By tootsie
(continued)Several yrs ago a tabloid(the Star?)published a story about Hoff's wife. An exposť of Pam's call-girl past escapades with rich men who had middle-east-sounding names. Pam was a very determined woman.

Lately, Pam looks & acts chemically zoned. She shouldn't have messed with The Hoff. Pay Back Time. Interesting that the court proceedings were closed.

correction: it was "Joe Pisc...
By tootsie
Joe Piscopo!
By lizard boy
Sounds like the kids would be better off at the Humane Society.
By DarkUrthe
Money takes care of many things, except good parenting...
By DarkUrthe
If OJ can get custody of his kids...
By Lori_Z
Was the judge German? That might explain it.
By DarkUrthe
Maybe the judge was a 1982 black Pontiac Trans-Am....
By jd nyc
or Alec Baldwin....

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