12:21pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By DarkUrthe
A stellar job Mr. Levy.

Have Andy ombudsify every Fox News show.
By MoxArgon
Ombudsify: (verb) To act like an ombudsman whether you're needed or not.
By Shannan
Orielly with an Ombudsman... but he does "research", he has the facts and because of this anyone who finds fault or questions is drinking koolaid.

I don't see Andy sporting a red mustache.

Anyway, where is the sport in shoorting fish in a barrel????
By dustrider
For a little while O'Reilly had Arthel Neville on once a week as his ombudsbabe, and I think Laurie Dhue briefly took that role when Arthel went to CNN, but I can't see Andrew taking over that role unless he starts shaving a lot closer and wearing brighter colors.
By DarkUrthe
And wearing a suit and tie consistantly... maybe Andy is good right where he is after all...

This could be a great ABC After School Special...
By calgrammy
There once was an Ombud named Andy... With his dry wit he was handy. That's all I got, trying to think up more, any ideas?
By Johnny Rocket
"For a little while O'Reilly had Arthel Neville on once a week as his ombudsbabe, and I think Laurie Dhue briefly took that role when Arthel went to CNN, but I can't see Andrew taking over that role unless he starts shaving a lot closer and wearing brighter colors."

Arthel went to CNN, got canned by CNN, ran back to Fox, and is now God-knows-where.
By Jim Treacher
There once was an ombud named Andy

With his dry wit he was very handy

Gutfeld's errors he found

Using logic quite sound

While his eyes glistened just like rock candy

(i am so gay)
By dustrider
I thought Gary Lockwood and Sally Kellerman's eyes glistened like rock candy in the Star Trek pilot where Spock had the funky eyebrows, but that just makes me geeky, I think.

By Lori_Z
I'd like to treat him like rock candy.

But that just makes me slutty.
By Cracajac
i just love his dry rumor
By PhillySteve
Hey, anybody notice that Mr. Levy asked Julie Banderas out on a date!!!!! Although I don't think she's the type to go for a walk on the sun. :(
By sarahk
we thought he did a great job.

and Levy does consistently wear a suit & tie - he only drops it on Friday nights, right? ok, sarahk, too much tv.

By sarahk
and treacher, yes, i've told Frank the same thing. he should definitely replace that body language expert (what's the deal with that? who cares?). when i have my arms folded in front of me? it doesn't mean i'm closed off. it means i'm cold. i'm *always* cold.
By Nilbog
Sounds like you're being defensive sarahk. What are you trying to hide?

By the way, this is a legitimate observation. Most of my first dates - especially blind dates - have their arms folded in front of them before the wine list arrives.

I am lonely.. oh so very lonely
By ZeldaC
I am never able to watch Red Eye. I try so hard, but I fall asleep at the second it comes on and wake up just in time to see it end. Then I have to fall asleep with a feeling of deep dissatisfaction.
By DarkUrthe
Phillysteve, who could blame Mr. Levy for being chummy with Julie Banderas... zoiks! I would be suspicious if he didn't.
By Capitalchick
Levy rocks. And if you're reading this, Andy, I'm wondering if you rent yourself out for pub crawls? Cause after the fourth drink or so, an ombudsman would be really useful. MUCH better than the rubber hammer I carry in purse (which stuns, but doesn't kill).
By dustrider
You know, if you talk to Mayor Bloomberg, he'd probably be open to the idea of putting ombudsmen in New York City bars, as long as they don't smoke or bring any trans-fat foods into the place.

By Shannan
SarahK's lack of capital letters indicates deep anal retentiveness... or lack of impulse control. Her use of a capital of "Frank" means she has a secret desire for a meaningful relationship with him... or hates his guts and wishes for his firing.
By DarkUrthe
Maybe SarahK is really Rachel Marsden...

I kiiid

Either Andy and Rachel really hate each other or really like each other... He seems to go out of his way to ombudisfy* her...

*That sounded dirtier than I expected...
By Texas Bob
Come on DarkUrthe! Everybody knows that Rachel puts the budi in ombudisfy*

* yeah, I know he misspelled it. It was the only way this cheap joke would work. So sue me.

By DarkUrthe
Texasbob, if anyone put any money into my typographical skills... well... they would be the poorer for it. No cheap jokes seem to be a boon! Hooray!
By lizard boy
Levy is a flaming ombudulator. He's even been seen ombudulating on TV (naturally on Fox News, those vile bastards).

He makes little marks on his ombudulation aids; and God knows what he does with the residue.

Sick. He's just sick.
By DarkUrthe
But he is our sick ombudulator
By DarkUrthe
But he is our sick ombudulator
By Shannan
Glad to see Andy let Rachel know that Jews are people too. They could not have scripted that ahead... funny AND cringe-worthy.

ps - Women of Fox as guests: Rebecca Gomez... great guest. Julie Banderas... yaaaawwwwn (sorry Andy). Lori Dhue... completely humorless. Janice Dean... funny and wacky. How about putting on Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy (separately)?
By Mckenzie
Andy should take his half time report into the NFL season on FOX sports and replace that guy that replaced Jimmy Kimmel. There are plenty of teams that need Ombudsifying.
By PhillySteve
You can see Rachel cringe whenever Levy starts off with, "And Rachel, didn't you say...." Gotta admit, it's the best part of the show.

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