12:22pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the The Sun


By RickyBobby
Never Mind The Boprocks!
By DarkUrthe
Just one more reason why Roger Daltry rocks.
By sawbuck
Dang, if they can't get The Who, I guess they'll have to settle for Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen or Bobby Goldsboro.
By jd nyc
another illustration of experience being the best teacher - after all, he's been fooled before but.....
By MoxArgon
I can't think of any Who song without visualizing David Caruso posturing with his sunglasses.


Anyway, finally some sense from a rock star.
By VilisConsilium
It seems to me that the warming trend is directly proportional to the expansion of the entertainment industry. Imagine how much pollution we could prevent if Hollywood and the recording industry were shut down. It saves a lot of electricity when everyone turns off their TVs. No more oil-based plastic CDs & DVDs filling up landfills. The answer Daltry wants is simple: stop entertaining.

By jd nyc
based on the preponderance of crap out there these days, much of the industry stopped entertaining quite some time ago
By Allen Smithee
I resemble that remark!
By dustrider
[David Caruso voice]It looks like someone ........ wants Al Gore to cool it.[/David Caruso voice]

By Johnny Rocket
I will always prefer Zep, but I gotta give the Who respect!
By JenJen
Consider the source.... Daltry may be be a talented musician, but he needs a major attitude adjustment. Of Woodstock he was quoted saying "It was the worst gig we ever played." Woodstock? A bad gig? All those Live Aid and Farm Aid etc. concerts generated so much good. Sorry Daltry, but I know WHO the ass is here! Global Warming is a serious problem!
By VilisConsilium
Sorry, JenJen, but Daltry is right. No real solutions ever come from these concerts. I suggest you see the episode of South Park about the Hippie Music Festival in order to truly understand.
By Nilbog
The Woodstock comment had to do with the fact that Pete dropped acid (I believe for the first time - not sure if it was the brown acid) shortly before they went onstage and they played like crap. I think they also went on stage at 3AM or something as each act ran longer and longer. Hendrix was supposed to be the climax, but ended up playing after sunrise - and after most people had left.
By DarkUrthe
Jen, these concerts are just a way for musicians to feel good abotu themselves. Much like companies doing the red campign for Africa. I am willing to bet my own money they spend more on marketing these campaign than what they actually contribute.

Roger Daltry may not be the smartest man in the world, but he is more honest than 99% of the vabity do gooder muscians out there.
By Capitalchick
if you enjoyed that, you might also enjoy...

By DarkUrthe
vabity = vanity

By lizard boy
Thanks, Darky. I was trying to channel Elmer von Fudd to translate that one.
By DarkUrthe
Lizardo, I had to be my own ombudsman... why IE7 doesn;t have an integrated spell checker is beyond me...

Something that is more annoying than the 400 word limit here...

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