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By MoxArgon
Is there any plan to compensate the millions of poor people who didn't read the book had to endure all the media blather about the book when its cover was blown?
By DarkUrthe
I think Oprah aught to cough upa little do for pimping this loser out...
By danredmond
Quick question- went to that link- the mother may I sllep with Treacher- not funny at all-... my opinion. Question- is it a guy or girl that runs that blog. If it's a guy - I find that very disturbing, is it Andrew Sullivan?. If it's a girl- I find that very unfunny and disturbing- is it Paula Poundstone?
By Jim Treacher
Great question!
By sawbuck
The Oprah can niether lie nor pimp. All that she is and has is holy, which includes her well-deserved cash. You'd know that if you bothered to regularly pray your RosOprary.
By marty1499
Oprah is a true psychotic meglomaniac.

The only other person who i can imagine putting their face on EVERY cover of their magazine is hitler.
By dustrider
If Frey had only managed to put something in the book about Oprah having six toes, he probably could have gotten by with the actual fabrications.
By conehead
I've been an an alternate reality. Who is this guy and why do I care if he scammed a publishing company out of some cash? It's not like I'm likely to read any book a mook that looks like this would write anyway. Nor do I watch Oprah, American Idol, or Dancing With The Stars.
By Capitalchick
Jim, I like your poem. A lot! You should have it needlepointed. Swag is key.
By Shannan
I love how Random House decided that they would call this little piece of fiction a "memoir" instead of an autobiography. I agree with whoever said Oprah should shell out some cash. Her "anger" at being duped was incredible. She was comlicit and was within a hair of losing all credibility. I do not get Oprah lovers. Especially white ones. She is a racist (allegedly).
By JenJen
I personally think this is a conspiracy from Random house to get us all to mangle the books we have thus making them unmarketable. In 10-20 years Random House is going to reintroduce this book as a collector`s item and get big bucks for the issues they have unsold in their warehouses. I'm no fool. I`m not parting with my book. Its going to be worth a fortune someday I tell ya`

Agrees with ...
By JenJen
Agrees with Shannon about Oprah. She's too into patting herself on the shoulder these days. Her shows have become boring!
By DarkUrthe
Jen^2, hillarious! (re conspiracy theory)

The only thing worse than Oprah on the cover of every issue of a mag, is Rosie on the cover of every mag... but i think hers went bottoms up years ago... thankfully.

Has Oprah jumped the shark?
By Lori_Z
I don't know about the book, but the dude's head is creeping me out. Reminds me of that one guy that sits alone in every local bar and starts twitching, tugs his hair and scratches himself frantically if you screw with his routine and take "his" stool.
By Shannan
I had never heard of someone owning a barstool outside my own bar. We have two at the end of the bar. One is the dead stool because everyone who has owned it has died (ick, I know) and another right next to it that other customers (we have them trained) have to oust the occupant at certain times of the day when a certin person comes in. Locals know not to sit there.

Oprah jumped the shark ...
By jd nyc
Lori - that description is beyond perfection!

in honor of your insight, from now on I will refer to such creeps as the Frey-guy

(female version: Bar-Frey)

By Shannan
Oprah jumped the shark when she had a meltdown over Striesand painting her mic. Could have happened before. I have not watched her regularly since the early 90\'s.

Two gumball freakos as far as I am concerned.

Also, if James Frey's tale was earth shaking to people, they have lead a pretty sheltered life. Just had to get that out.
By Lori_Z

Thanks jd nyc. LOVING the female term bar-frey. I will now have to use it constantly.

To describe myself, sadly.
By jd nyc
if it's any consolation, that makes 2 of us :(
By Johnny Rocket
Didn't Oprah try to defend her support before "attacking" Frey? Gotta luv the womun...
By Shannan
You'd think by now that she would know the ramifications of having your cake and eating it too.
By Nilbog
Where do I get my money back for Star Wars I: The Galactic Trade Agreement Summit?

And I demand my 40 acres and a mule for watching Jar-Jar.
By DarkUrthe
Nilbog, your 40 acres would be on Tatooine... so be careful of what you wish for.
By DarkUrthe
Shannan that is better than the guy who sits on the toilet and is obsessive about his stool...
By sawbuck
Every time I click on this website and see the 'thousand yard stare' of James Frey, it really creeps me out.
By Shannan
DarkUrthe - Is there a guy out there who is NOT sitting on the toilet obsessing over what piles below him? I have never met one. Must be torture for them to use an outhouse or a vault toilet where there is so much... comingling and darkness below. Studies show men in war suffer from PTSD over that. Women... not so much.
By DarkUrthe
I personally hold it till I can foul indoor plumbing.

Preferably my own.

A man has to have standards about spooking out a growler.

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