12:25pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By Shannan
Someone should get to the bottom of this.

Keep us abreast of breaking news.

By BiggusDickus
Being arrested for nudity in Brattleboro is like being arrested for gambling in Reno. It's a tradition! There's even a "birthday suit" Vermont Teddy BearŪ to celebrate it!

By dustrider
I'd feel more sympathy for the guy if he had done this in Vermont three months ago, before the weather thawed and the sap started running.

By DarkUrthe
Arrested?!? He aught to be rewarded for finally finding somehting interesting to do in Vermont.
By Jim Treacher
If you ask me, you should only get a $50 fine for jittering.
By conehead
Sort of like the old joke about why baptists don't have sex while standing up...it looks too much like dancing.
By Lori_Z
Well, was he well-endowed? If so, I understand the public hazard. Flailing about and all. Could put someone's eye out. Or worse.
By Shannan
Fines for this should be on a sliding scale. Big penalties for offensive bodies (as determined by a panel of the opposite sex) and small token gifts for those who have pleasing bodies. Big penalties across the board for any nude sports. That never looks good.

Common nudity certainly takes the zip out of a good tequila streaking.
By Borchy
I wish these people weren't a walking testament to Newton's law of gravity.
By DarkUrthe
Lori, it is all fun and games till someone loses an eye... then the game is over and you have won.
By DarkUrthe
Does this refute Greg's old, ugly and fat rules about nudists?
By Capitalchick
I blame Starbucks.
By RickyBobby
What's so wrong about the Macarena!?!

This kind of intolerance is intolerable....
By DarkUrthe
Rickybobby, too much gyration of the hips. That summons Satan.
By Lori_Z

They should make a Footloose sequel about it.

Footloose: uncensored?
By Shannan
I am not sure I am ready to see Kevin Bacon's pork flip flopping about.
By Lori_Z
Unfortunately, I've already seen his junk in Wild Things.

It flip flopping about couldn't possibly be worse.

By Nilbog
What's the fuss. The dude was just hanging brain.

By Shannan
Michael Moore's Junk would make me more ill, but seeing it might not even be possible without a crane to lift his ginormous stomach. Gilbert Godfried? Alan Colmes? I do not want to see him on the naked Men of Fox Calendar! Don Imus? I am pretty sure he has female parts.

I have to get a mental scrubbing.

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