12:15pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the NY Post


By Texas Bob
I'll be glad when this whole thing blows over so Imus and Opie and Andy can go back to their respective quality programming. And I can get back to continuing to not listening to them. Sheesh. So what the heck has Rosie been up to lately?

Why not a nice post about this wonderful immigration solution?
By Jim Treacher
Why not scroll down?
By Texas Bob
Jim, you must have noticed by now that I'm a lazy SOB with an attention span shorter than a Paris Hilton jail sentence. And besides, I'm talking about this so-called approved solution that has congress (well, most of it anyway) and the President all smiles. I can actually hear my tax dollars crying for rescue.
By Jim Treacher
Well, if you can think of any good jokes about it, blog 'em and I'll link 'em.
By salvator m
this may be hard to believe, but last night someone broke into my car in my driveway and stole ONLY my XM display unit. not the receiver, antenna, not my $150 oakleys, nothing. just a worthless 5 year old, obsolete electronic display.
By jd nyc
sounds like the John-Kerry-medals-over-the-White-House-fence mentality: people want to be seen making grandiose gesture of smashing radio in protest......as long as it\'s not their own.....
By jd nyc
sorry to hear that they damaged your car for it, though

it really sucks - especially when you consider how cheaply they're selling them over at the Square Deal Swap Shop
By Cracajac
"I have a very good, very unoriginal and very selfish reason for wanting to keep regulation to a minimum: the disc jockey's freedom to say stupid things on the air protects my freedom to write stupid things about politics."

that jus sums it up an if they do not and can not understand that we might as well ship em to a 3rd world country.
By dustrider
BTW -- Don't you think if Debbie Wolf died her hair blonde she'd really, really look like Ann Coulter?
By sarahk
Hey, if you run out of pictures of cute puppies, let me know. I have the most adorable Shepherd / pit bull / lab mix and two precious cats.

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