12:17pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By sawbuck
In my case the wound would be fatal.
By dustrider
You know, if they had stabbed Maury the wig man in "Goodfellas" in the head instead of strangling him, he wouldn't have needed the 100 percent undetectable hairpiece ... at least for the funeral.

By Mckenzie
From one who is going bald, I look at it from the perspective that I'm not just getting less hair but also more head.
By Mark V.
Probably a wound big enough to leave a scar that will be visible for a while. It'll look worse than hair plugs.
By Mark V.
Hey, I thought Maury was killed with an ice pick to the brain stem. So he was sort of stabbed in the head. But the hair wouldn't have grown in, him being dead and all.
By MoxArgon
The Head Wound Club for Men.

I'm not only the president, I'm also a.... a.... I no remember words right no more.... why?
By tootsie
where is the compassion for the sacrificial mice mutilated by head lacerations? all for intractible male ego. (Treachy did in jest)

when you think about it though, there sure are a lot of bald men whose personality would benefit from a frontal lobotomy.

greg, bill, and andrew are just plain damn lucky, and they know it. "Vanity thy name is man."
By Texas Bob
This is old news. I remember a Tom and Jerry episode from long ago, where Jerry got new hair growth on Tom's head after invigorating his scalp with a belt sander. Jerry should sue for these guys ripping off his technique.
By Nilbog
So is the unwanted hair on the rear of my torso a result of the number of times and severity with which I've been stabbed in the back? Or are metaphorical injuries somehow exempt?
By lizard boy
Head wound can be x-acto knife to axe...never mind, doesn't matter.

Also, the guy that figures out how to transplant hair from either your back or ears will make Bill Gates look like Homeless Charlie.


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