12:22pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By mcaffrey
"the company might be liable for allowing links to sites displaying unauthorized photos."

Really. The want to hold Google responsible if one of the sites it links to displays unauthorized photos. Considering that Google links to, approximately, EVERYTHING, I am not sure that is a realistic expectation.
By DarkUrthe
Forget thumbnail porn images, I want thumb porn!

By DarkUrthe
Would midget thumbnail porn images somehow cause Google's servers to explode?
By conehead
Two consecutive porn-related postings?

You better get a grip on yourself...no, not that...you know what I mean.
By dustrider
Can you hook that 103-inch diagonal Panasonic flat-screen TV up to a computer? If so, that would solve the thumbnail problem.
By sawbuck
If a woman has goddess-like thumbs, I am her willing slave 4-ever!
By salvator m
forget thumbnail porn images and thumb porn, i want porn images on MY thumbnail. rather than outlaw thumbnail porn i'd like to see the use of the term "thumbnail" outlawed. i find it offensive.
By Shannan
DarkU -

Not if it thinks of baseball or CSPAN.
By ZeldaC
Kind of like deliberately making the piture fuzzy because that's what you're used to. I totally get it.
By Shannan
Or sorta like enjoying a peek through the neighbor's curtains while teetering on the fence post to catch him flexing nude in front of the mirror versus your neighbor passing by the giant picture window ajacent to your kitchen window so he can flash you the full monty.
By ZeldaC
Yeah, kind of like that. Except you have to squint at the full monty for proper effect.
By wankette
A woman pokes her head into this porn keyhole (ouch; not the image I'd intended) to say, Imyselfpersonally would subscribe to a Nude Boys of FoxNews site. Or calendar, whatever. May be OT, but I've been dying to say it.
By DarkUrthe
wankette, Geraldo will be Mr August.
By wankette
DU -- There's only one thing I can say to that:


First nude Al Sharpton, now Geraldo. Seriously, you're killing me with these.

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