12:24pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the JUSTHILLARY.COM


By DarkUrthe
I think the headline should be corrected to:

By DarkUrthe
Greg, you forgot to add her vaginaplasty to the list of bad decisions...
By DarkUrthe
I hope Peter North or Ron Jeremy pic a GOP candidate to balance things out.
By Lori_Z
Hmm, I may have to rethink my vehement opposition to Hillary, as I do live my life by the tenet WWJD (What would Jenna Do)

By sawbuck
I think JJ is attracted to Hillary's power, and it's a safe bet that Hillary is highly skilled in 'wearing the equipment'. This endorsement shit is just a clever way to see if HRC will respond to JJ's advances.
By DarkUrthe
Lori_Z, I subscribe to the WWTMD* tenet. So I am fence sitting until then

*What would Todd Merinovich do?
By lizard boy
Wow! I never would have thought of a porn star being an outdoor grilling fan. I guess donkey punch is good with ribs, huh?
By salvator m
i think the most bizarre element of this story is that the hillary campaign has posted this endorsement on their site. candidates can't control what every celebutard kook and crank says in their endorsements, but to embrace and promote this comment is way strange.
By Shannan
I have never heard of spit roasting or donkey punching. I can only guess that my not knowing is a good thing. Gag.

Gag? Am I on to something? Anything involving punching does not sound promising.

Yikes. Sounds violent... and yet she is worried about war and genocide. hmmmm....
By Lori_Z
DarkUrthe, as I've never heard of Todd Merinovich, I must assume he is some sort of sports figure. Or mathematician. Either way, he surely can't top the wisdom of one Ms. Jenna Jameson.
By Nilbog
I guess I'm just old school living by WWDLRD (What Would David Lee Roth Do?)

And if you don't know what a Donkey Punch is, never EVER ask what a Cleveland Steamer is.
By Lori_Z
And if you don't know what a Donkey Punch is, never EVER ask what a Cleveland Steamer is.

Or a dirty sanchez; a variation.

And now I've just grossed myself out.
By R.E.O. Speedwagon
Was porn banned from 1981 to 1993 and after 2001 and nobody told me?
By Jim Treacher
Anyone for a chili dog?
By Lori_Z

Anyone for a chili dog?

Thanks! I've now vomited at the thought, which inadvertently helps in my "get ready for the pool" diet.
By sawbuck
I wonder if JJ enjoys music? She can play a mean rusty trombone.

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