12:25pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By jd nyc
symbiotic, parasitic relationships.... herpes .... "latent infections".... "permanent passengers"...."true human tragedies"

I wonder how many Paris Hilton jokes just wrote themselves, purely out of habit?

By Jim Treacher
Who-is Who-ton?
By MoxArgon
"Who-is Who-ton?"

Nobody important until she shivs someone in the can.

I saw somewhere that people descended from plague survivors are immune to AIDS. Horrible diseases have a strange way of balancing themselves out.
By dustrider
Well the strumpets who would be carrying/contracting the virus in ye olden days were probably living in conditions more likely to come in contact with the plague, so their surviving offspring would be more likely to develop some sort of immunity to the stuff.
By Shannan
There was another study linking herpes of the cold sore on the lip variety and alzheimers disease. Apparently Paris simply forgot she was not supposed to drive. Hope it helps her forget... certain events in prison. Can you call it a muff if it is bald? The world is so complicated these days.
By DarkUrthe
Courtney Love suddly got attractive again....
By jd nyc
Speaking of parasites:

Michael Moore wants to investigate Treasury Dept

LOS ANGELES, May 16 (Reuters) - Maverick filmmaker Michael

Moore took the first step on Wednesday in launching his own

probe into the U.S. government's investigation of him for

making an unauthorized trip to Cuba to film scenes for his

latest movie "SiCKO"

By sawbuck
Skip Virgin's lab assistants were B.A. Slutt, C. Horz and S.T. Dee.

Wash U. recived a research grant from the Hilton Family Trust.
By Nilbog
Good news everyone. Thanks to my years of unprotected sex with semi-conscious barflies, my dream project to rescue flea-infested rats in India and Bangladesh can finally move forward without risk. Praise Science!
By salvator m
perhaps hillary can work the endorsement she's gotten from jenna jameson and this pro-herpes news into a plank of her platform.

By bcdo_2000
Has anyone taken the time to wonder exactly what the train of thought was that led the world's foremost researchers to say "Hey, let's inject mice with herpes, because that'll take care of bubonic." It occurred to me that this is like the medical equivalent of pulling a MacGyver.
By DarkUrthe
Scientific advances have often been from accidents or screwball experiments.
By mcaffrey
Yeah, the drug in Viagra was developed to help some heart condition, and the guys in the trial study came back and said, "uh, my wife was hoping you could give me some extra pills..".

By mcaffrey
By the way, an advertiser on this site ran some activeX and installed stuff onto my machine that my anti-virus software said was spyware yesterday. Didn't cause any damage, but I thought you should know.

By ZeldaC
Every cloud, I suppose... but what a what a way to look on the bright side.
By DarkUrthe
McC, my antivirus (AVG) caught that too...
By sawbuck
Likewise on the A-V catch.

But maybe now our computers will develop resistance agaist crashes now.

By Jim Treacher
I'll pass the spyware thing along to Gutfeld.
By ZeldaC
Not to chime in after the fact, but mine caught the cyber herpes too.
By Nilbog
Well now you can't catch cyber plague no more, so quit yer bitchin'
By SouthofthePark
Um...I'll take my chances with another sexually transmitted disease. And when was the last time anybody had to actually worry about Bubonic Plague? I mean, SARS, Bird-Flu...hmm...might consider it, but certainly not for something that's been dead longer than Hillary Clinton's sex life.
By Shannan
FYI - if you use Firefox you won't have problems with active X based spyware (Instead of Internet Explorer).
By Jim Treacher
Ah! Yep, I use Firefox.
By mcaffrey
If you are like most of the guys I know who use Firefox, your computer may not be catching any viruses, but you probably won't get a chance to either... Sorry Treach.
By Jim Treacher
What, this is news?
By Shannan
The only thing I know of you will miss out on b/c of no active X is Windows Update (which you can get by going onto internet exp). The rest of the sites are smart enought o detect what browser you are using. Active X has security holes. Yawn... I know.

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