12:27pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By Capitalchick
In a perfect world, we'd all be raping government employees, instead of the other way around...and hardly anyone would care.

BTW, Jim, I think the word you're looking for is "capitalism"
By John Tabin
Actually, since XM is a subscription-based service, crushing your radio does make sense, in a way that dumping wine doesn't: It represents a commitment to not resubscribe.

And I actually think the word you want is "comstockery."
By albo
Great rants on your long-forgotton blog about this. But damn you for convincing me to listen to a Glen Beck rant and nod my head along with him in agreement.

More speech, not pressure group mau-mauing, uber alles. Free speech is what makes America so frikkin' unique. The only kind of censorship I support is the kind I impose on my pre-teens.
By Jim Treacher
O&A getting suspended is not capitalism. The REACTION is capitalism.
By Jim Treacher
A commitment to not resubscribe, I guess I can see that. Still seems extreme to me. Definitely presents a compelling visual, though...
By Lori_Z
O&A getting suspended is not capitalism. The REACTION is capitalism.


I think the word might be nannyism. A nanny state can be formed by "do-gooders" and not just a Government entity.
By Capitalchick
Radio hosts should live in a special magical world where they are immune from market forces, and glittery unicorns frolic.

By dustrider
They aren't immune from market forces, but unlike regular radio, where the effects aren't seen until the next Arbitron book, the cancellation of subs means an immediate loss of $7.95 to $12.95 a month for XM. That's market counter-forces at work against XM's bottom line.
By Jim Treacher
It would be "market forces" if it was the regular O&A listenership complaining. It's not. Because if it was, they'd have been complaining for the last 3 years.
By Capitalchick
what? am I missing something here? was the FCC involved?

In a free market, if I pay you to talk and I don't like what you say, or my advertisers don't like what you say, or my subscribers don't like what you say, or your tie makes me sick -- I can fire you. If you don't like my rules, or my hair, or my imaginary friends -- you can quit. Simple. (which is why it works pretty well, btw)
By Jim Treacher
XM liked what O&A had to say for years, as did the subscribers. And unlike regular radio, the advertisers are a very small part of it.

Of course XM is ALLOWED to do whatever they want. The question is whether it's a good idea. I don't think it is. I think they should continue to broadcast what they've been advertising to the customers.

And who said anything about the FCC?
By jd nyc
NO ONE EXPECTS THE FCC!! Their chief weapons are fear and surprise...

oh, wait a minute - no, that's the Spanish Inquisition..... how the hell did I get those 2 mixed up?
By dustrider
You were sitting in your comfy chair next to the soft cushions?
By jd nyc
yeah, that's probably it

the even distribution of the stuffing must have given me a false sense of security but I guess the subconscious is always attuned to danger

Thanks, dustrider - I owe you one!

By DarkUrthe
And the other boot hits the floor. Complaints by I will bet people who do not subscribe to XM get a marquis show suspecnded (likely code for fired) and the subscribers start dropping off.

XM really thought this one through...

Jim you are spot on as always... except in regards to my charitble efforts for Godlington's site. That hurt.
By lizard boy
"O&A getting suspended is not capitalism. The REACTION is capitalism."


Capitalism allows businesses to make decisions that can cause them to fail. If subscribers are upset enough to cancel their subscriptions because of this, good. Vote with your wallet.

Don't like state income tax, move to one without it. Vote with your feet.

Freedom is good.
By Jim Treacher
That's exactly what I just said.
By Jim Treacher
Or is it? I don't even know anymore. The point is, O&A weren't suspended because of an advertiser pullout or because of dropped subscriptions. But plenty of subscriptions are being dropped NOW, by the people who have been paying every month to hear that material and now cannot.
By lizard boy
I think we may have been saying the same thing at the same time.

I don't remember criticizing O&A, I've only said its OK for their employers to discipline them. The only grevence groups that count are customers and shareholders.

You've been pretty emotional about this issue. If you took a nice hot bath, maybe a facial and a pedicure it would all look better tomorrow.

By Jim Treacher
"I don't remember criticizing O&A"

I don't remember saying you did. I'm just talking about what's been going on.

"You've been pretty emotional about this issue."

Sorry for caring. I just don't like seeing people hung out to dry for making stupid jokes. Can you see where that might hit a little close to home for me?
By lizard boy
Just trying to lightening things up a little bit.

Bill Maher made a stupid joke, John Kerry made a stupid joke, O&A made a stupid joke.

Have any bloggers made stupid jokes? We'd need the Universe Wide Web for that.

I don't remember any, but that's because they're probably at Gitmo.
By dustrider
Considering that Bill O'Reilly and Neal Boortz are the twoo biggest talk show proponents of keel hauling O&A, they should be thankful this incident happened four years ago instead of today:


(Google O'Reilly's name and the word "hubcaps" if you need background on Boortz's remark.)

By salvator m
while this debate about O&A rages, XM 150 - an uncensored comedy channel - runs 24/7 with humor that all of these protestor types are sure to be offended by if any one joke is taken out of context. there is also an uncensored rap "music" channel that broadcasts lyrics that make imus sound like a choirboy. XM could be ruined by a few more well targeted protests.
By E5infantry
I cancelled mine. If they come back to XM, so do I.

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