12:15pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By DarkUrthe
I am not sure if Sarah Silverman in Maxim is kinda hot or kinda jump the shark. It could be both...
By ilikevanilla
Just a slight turn in her political philosophy would make her the perfect replacement for Rachel Marsden. She could slay the news with wit.
By ZeldaC
I know all the reasons why I should like her and I want to like her really bad, but I just don't.
By Nilbog
I like that Sarah doesn't blame the Jews for killing Jesus. She blames black people.

And the Sarah Silverman program was (or hopefully is if they sign up for a new season) funny as shit. Anytime you have a show with a hot chick engaging in the finest of 1st grade level scatology, I'm there and laughing my ass off. Face it: stupid = funny.
By DarkUrthe
I think she is a comedic vampuire... she sucked all the funny out of Jimmy Kimmell.
By cutter
Yeah, I'm not sure why she's supposed to be funny, either. I guess it's because it's supposed to be shocking for such a "cute" girl to be so crass, like a real-life version of Wendy Testaberger? Dunno. But I think CBS should fire her, either way. And I'm dead certain she has fleas.
By r.wardlow
"The misconception is that I'm making fun of people when it's my character who's clearly the ignoramus. You can call Archie Bunker racist, but you wouldn't call All in the Family racist."

I call B.S.

This pose of detached "metahumor" a la folks like Silverman and Chappelle is such a dodge. People are laughing at the stereotypes, just like they always did. We just pretend to be much ...
By r.wardlow
...more sophisticated and tell ourselves we're really laughing at racism. Self deception is lame.
By DarkUrthe
I think there is a certain tone and approach to racial oriented comedy that crosses the line. It may vary from comic to comic. For exampel Dave Chappell and Carlos Mencia pretty much make fun of everyone, so there is a certain tolerance there as they are equal opportunity offenders. I am not saying it is right (or wrong) but some comics can do it and not cause a moral outrage... others can not.
By mcaffrey
That is the brilliance of the new sitcom based on the Geico "caveman" characters. The entire sitcom will be about racism, bigotism, and stereotypes, but it will not break any PC rules because cavemen are a fictional constituency.
By bcdo_2000
We are all different. Men, women, black people, white people, etc. so why fight the obvious? We all have our little idiosyncrasies that if misinterpreted can quickly become negative stereotypes. So I applaud comedians like Chappelle, Silverman, Mencia, May who allow us to look at each other for who we are and laugh at our differences together. Face it, nothing ends hatred faster than humor.
By Nilbog
I am not different.
By Shannan
Sarah Silverman has a show?

Sometimes racist, bigoted, sexist comedy is funny, sometimes it is just ugly, vile crap delivered by utterly mindless nincompoops. As I occasionally point out to my husband... it is all in the tone buddy!

PS Chapelle is a nincompoop.
By sawbuck
SS has a few moments, but for the most part she comes off as 'I am waaaaaay funnier/sexier than anyone else out there and you're just a rube if you don't think so'. Kimmel's gotta be a saint (or on meds) for enduring that crap day in and day out.
By DarkUrthe
SS is sexier than most comics a decade younger than her...
By sawbuck
I'm not saying she isn't sexy. Clearly she is. But just not to the degree of what she projects. It's in the eye of the beholder, I suppose, or maybe my testosterone levels have dropped recently.
By Shannan
Sarah Silverman is sexy? Blah.
By el polacko
what i like about sarah is that she's the kinda gal who'd love treacher's 'grill me a sammich, beyotch' crack... and look good doing it.
By Jim Treacher
That wasn't my crack, it was Maxim's. And by "crack," I mean "conveniently smokable rocks of cocaine." (Also that stupid joke is what they put on the cover.)
By Borchy
I hate Sarah Silverman. I only liked her in "The Way of the Gun" because of that scene where Ryan Phillippe punches her in the mouth. It's on youtube.
By SouthofthePark
Oh, that was Sarah Silverman? I have to watch that again. It was so long ago when I first saw it. Funny, the first time I watched it was during one of my parent's Church Prayer Meetings. I probably could've picked a better time....
By Shannan
DarkUrthe - The only women comics SS is more sexy than is Carrot Top and her twin sister Kathy Griffin.
By Jim Treacher

Of course, I condemn any sort of depiction of violence against women, especially when it's not COMPLETELY FUCKING HILARIOUS.
By dustrider
Based on the past history of female comics, annoiting Sarah the King of Comedy pretty much is a mark against Ms. Silverman to begin with. But the Maxim editor may be hoping for a look-see with Sarah if the Jimmy Kimmel thing doesn't work out.
By DarkUrthe
Shannan ...that is Al Sharpton naked hot!
By sawbuck
The SS response to the gorilla head: Yeah, I'll g'rilla you a sandwich... made with the cheese I wiped from my [DELETED]
By Cracajac
for some odd reason insane hot chick's turn me on,she kinda reminds me of my last fling.
By DarkUrthe
Insane hot chicks are better than fuggly insane chicks...
By Shannan
DarkU - Word is Sharpton is growing a new form of mold between his fat folds in order to cure herpes. Apparently God told him the plague was needed to wipe us from the earth. The upside of this is that he cannot go naked anymore or the mold will dry up. I will have to take your word on his hot nakedness. My mind shuts down if I try to go there.
By danredmond
can't wait for the Caveman sitcom. Saw Silverman's show- it just wasn't funny. Really hard for a girl to be funny...well, other than Paula Poundstone.
By Shannan
How about Chelsea Handler?? I love her sense of humor. She is a bad bad girl!!

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