12:16pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By JohnRC
If we would just stop being so mean to them.
By DarkUrthe
Rudy shows Ron his pimp hand.
By DarkUrthe
Is Ron Paul the Dennis Kuscinich of the Republicans?
By jd nyc
not unless he lives in a tree and bakes cookies
By dustrider
Don't know if Paul is the GOP's Kucinich, but judging by all the online polls and message boards his supporters stuffed after the debate (saying Rudy never laid a glove on Ron, and if he did, he was wrong on his facts), they're the Republican equivalent of the Lyndon LaRouche supporters.

By Nilbog
Mike Huckabee won some points for saying Congress was spending like John Edwards at a beauty salon.
By DarkUrthe
There just seems to be way too many candidates and way too much early politiking going on. And there might be a couple more GOP candidates going in... yeeesh. Maybe there aught to be a season of Survivor with the donkey tribe and republican tribe... winners of each tribe get to run in the election.
By DarkUrthe
Wonder what Mr Levy has to say about Ron Paul assuming Red Eye is on tonight... (my time zone got it bumbed for post debate coverage...)
By sawbuck
It doesn't matter who's out-doing who now, 'cause Tennessee Freddy's gonna smoke 'em all like a Cuban stogie next year.

Ya hear me, Michael Moore? Yeah, I'm talkin' to you, pussy!
By Shannan
You know what gave me a good laugh? Post debate Hannity and Colmes (groan) were doing post debate interviews and Colmes was interviewing Giuliani (I think - I was in the livingroom drinking sangria so...)anyway he wanted to know how people figured terrorists would follow us home if we ditched Iraq... are they going to get on airplanes or something? Sigh.... how soon they forget.
By Shannan
Andrew Levy should have provided his ombudsman services mid and post debate. It would have been far more entertaining and enlightening... plus he could chill with Brit.
By DarkUrthe
Shannan, that would be brilliant. Back in the early 90's Comedy Central did a similar schtick with the political conventions, making commentaries and such ont he fly... Levy is much more funny than the entire crew CC had doign that.
By el polacko
i would have liked to hear guiliani respond to the 'blowback' theory rather than launch into more of his 'i'm mr. 9-11' bravado.

paul opened my eyes to what a bunch of fanatical blowhards the rest of the candidates are.

.. okay that wasn't snarky or as funny as an edwards girly-man joke, but sometimes ya gotta say what ya gotta say.
By SouthofthePark
You know, Romney had my vote after the first debate on that one channel nobody watches, but after the debate on Fox....yeah, not so much. It doesn't matter. I'm probably not going to vote anyways. Then again, Romney still has a pretty cool voice. I mean, I'd be running for president too just to have the opportunity to talk, if I had a voice like his. It's all presidential and stuff. Sadly, my...

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