12:21pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By Plastik
28 months later..

They realize it was a bad reaction to viagra overdose. They all have that 4 hr pecker disorder and run wild in the city with stiffies in their pj's while they realize what a piece of crap both films were.

Mindless slaughter has been overdone. I think the next real Murder film that will top the Box office is

CHAPPAQUIDDICK.. Drinkin Booze and Drownin Bitches.

By dustrider
Remember, this the Village Voice, which could probably find an anti-Bush message in the last 5-6 Pixar films, if they put their minds to it (Just try and tell me the dentist and his little kid in "Finding Nemo" weren't suppose to represent Cheney, Bush and their invasion of Iraq. Just try.)
By DarkUrthe
Does anyone outside of NYC and not a liberal care what the Village Voice has to say about anything?
By Jim Treacher
I sometimes find it entertaining to dissect their thinking, yes.
By Berrka
That movie poster is pretty cool however, gotta give the movie that at least.
By Jim Treacher
The movie is great! In many ways better than the original.
By Nilbog
I'll have to check it out - even with all the spoilers. I liked the first one well enough, but nothing has touched the finest of zombie flicks: Shaun of the Dead.
By conehead
Treacher, doesn't it get tiresome dissecting their thinking...something like having to dissect a single-celled organism for eternity in a biology class in hell?

I remove the outer sheath and find...jelly. Inside the jelly...more jelly.
By Gordon
"Fresnadillo's political disgust is less compelling, and ultimately less emphasized, than his detonation of nuclear family values. "

Holy crap, I haven't seen writing this good since high school journalism class. But hey, his writing does have "edge". The kids like "edge", right?

By Jim Treacher
"Treacher, doesn't it get tiresome dissecting their thinking..."

Usually I take a nap after.
By Meryl Yourish
Shyeah. Did you see "Children of Men"? The thing that made it so utterly unbelievable to me is that the premise was that America was destroyed, but England survived.


Because they're doing so well fighting against their own Brit-raised terrorists there.

Anyway. Zombie movie. I don't watch zombie movies, not since Vincent Price scared the crap out of me in "The Last Man on Eart...
By fumbles mcrape
Village Voice is my favourite East Coast NY-area gay infotainment paper.

The movie will put you off trading saliva with anything for at least three days. Okay maybe two hours.

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