12:24pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the NY Sun


By Texas Bob
If I were Greg, I'd wear this rag's smear as a badge of honor. If a yellow-dog paper, such as the NY Sun thinks you're low-rent, the only thing left to say is "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!" And, of course, "Go f@$& yourself" works too...

By R.E.O. Speedwagon
I think the review is correct about Bill not speaking much. But that is probably because of the explosion of extra guests thats happened in the last two months. And Rachel does come off as someone who everyone hates. Its not like Fox has a hot leggy smart girl shortage. Why not use someone who will be funnier?
By MoxArgon
"The Daily Show For Drunk People."

I think the NY Sun just gave you a new slogan for the show.
By DarkUrthe
Is any of the traditional media going to be all that thrilled about Red Eye?

I am surprised they have the time given how much they fellate John Stewart and Stephen Colbert and prop their one trick pony of jokes as the end all be all of late night comedy and commentary.

Ergo if the likes of the NY Sun hate you, then you are probably doing soemthing right.
By DarkUrthe
REO, Bill and Rachel are not the hosts, it is not their job to talk all the time. I think of them as more of bringign consistant homorous comments to the show.

Though I have to say I think Rachel probably needs to start getting funny, soon. Her comments are starting towards unfunny and brittle. You are spot-freaking-on in suggesting there is not shortage of good looking, leggy smart girls...
By dustrider
I'm waiting for Fox to let Greg guest host "Special Report with Brit Hume" and to see how he interacts with Mort, Fred and Maura on the panel roundtable (Of course, they might want to start him out on the 3 a.m. rebroadcast first).
By DarkUrthe
Dustrider, that would be hillarious... and honestly I think it would hillarious... particularly if he can bring Mr. Levy along.

Mr. Levy's goof on Brits calling themselves Libertarians was brilliant last night... he says a lot of funny stuff, but that is one of the better riffs.
By DarkUrthe
mang pardon the redundant wording... I must drink my coffee then type... not the other way around...
By wankette
I'd like to get my lace thong in a wad over this review, but these people and their jaw-dropping predictability ("Ooh, anything on FoxNews = evil, stupid, incompetent! Film at 11!")just bore me.

p.s. I'm waiting for the day when someone in the print media refers to The Daily Show as "'Red Eye' for stoners." Could happen.
By ilikevanilla
I love the obsession with pointing out how old people are in articles. It may be a rule of journalism, but I feel it has become an F you to celebrities. Of which Greg is one since they pointed out that he is 42. And looks great, baby! When are Rachel and Andrew going to just throw down and start screaming 'I hate you' to each other (on air PLEASE).
By Shannan
It seems like some out there are trying awfully hard to hate this program. I love it. I would prefer it with more Bill Shultz and maybe a few less guests, but no other show on TV makes me laugh out loud like this one. It is naughty and ridiculous... I cannot think of a better combo. It comes on at 11 'round my parts. I have it on my scheduler to automatically flip it on. SOOO much better th...
By Shannan
The Letterman "Will It Float" segments. PLUS - Andrew Levy... funniest guy on late night TV.
By DarkUrthe
I am not a big fan of the higher rotation of guests on each show... I liked it when it was the same folsk throughout, it gave some consistancy and some guests take time to warm up.

I was also perfectly happy with the more obscure guests rather than movie plugging Larry The Cable Guy types. Maybe the only special guest I enjoyed was Kreskin...
By R.E.O. Speedwagon
I know people probably are more likely to tune in if there is a celebrity guest, but I prefer it when they just have blog or magazine-jockeys on.
By jd nyc
O&A just got suspended from XM - so much for free markets
By mcaffrey
The Sun's review really wasn't a smear. The author seems to be a fan. The conclusion calls it "refreshing" and "not a bad thing to have kicking around the airwaves". I think he wasn't trying to say he thought it should be taken off the air - he was saying he was surprised it wasn't taken off the air. As am I. Pleasently surprised.

By E5infantry
Friggin bastards.

By mcaffrey
These comments are getting all dark and gloomy. Don't forget - after all the politics, the real reason why liberals suck is that they are too damn depressing. And they only get worse when they're drunk. So quit the pissing and moaning. The NY Sun likes the show. Lets make fun of Michael Moore or something.
By jd nyc
(sorry-came over wire as I was typing)

the Kreskin reference just reminded me of missed opportunities - wasn't he on the night before Mrs. Gutfeld's precious florist report?

I couldn't help but imagine the 2 of them in conversation!

Timing is everything

PS NY Sun is probably to the right of NY Post, just not as much fun

By E5infantry
Yeah, my reference was to O&A. Trying to figure out how to get my money back, since I was a single channel listener.

By DarkUrthe
REO wrote: "I know people probably are more likely to tune in if there is a celebrity guest, but I prefer it when they just have blog or magazine-jockeys on. "

I agree completely. Celebs don't necisarily have a monopoly on funny / interesting things to say... heck, how many of us heard of Greg, Andy, Bill or Rachel before Red Eye started up?
By Mckenzie
The present Red Eye cast has that elusive chemistry and gels together sensationally, each with their own unique contribution. Fox won't put them on earlier because Red Eye would blow Leno, Letterman and Late Night out of the water. Except for that Atheist guy, most of the guest are equally entertaining.
By Shannan
Someone mention wanting to talk about Michael Moore?? Here Is Fred Thompson's take: www.breitbart.tv/?p=611

ps - Red Eye is on at 11 pm in the West and they DO blow Leno and Lettermen away. pps Greg looked uncomfortable when Kresking was on. It took him forever to spit out his joke. Funny none the less.
By Shannan
By Jim Treacher
You know who wants you to talk about Michael Moore? MICHAEL MOORE.
By Shannan
LOL - So true.
By mcaffrey
Yeah Treach, I know, but that Fred Thompson cigar smoking video was pretty funny. Michael Moore was just craving attention from a presidential candidate like Thompson to give himself legitimacy, but Thompson treats Moore like a loon. Like he's talking to a first grader. It is good comedy.
By R.E.O. Speedwagon
Michael Moore is such a coward. He barely says jack shit for 2 years after he loses Kerry the election, and all of a sudden he is Chatty Cathy.
By Jim Treacher
Well, he didn't have a movie to promote yet.
By Shannan
Speaking of RE guests - I hope they rethink having Lori Deue (?) on again. That was painful to watch. Maybe they can suggest guests (esp. those that work for FOX) actually watch the show before hand. On the other hand Janice Dean was pretty funny. Wacky.
By Jim Treacher
Janice Dean is awesome.
By Nilbog
Everynight when I fluff up my pillow before laying down my head to sleep, I dream the pillow is Lori Dhue's lips. Is that wierd?
By sawbuck
Not wierd at all. If anything, it proves that you have normal-to-superior glandular function. The Dhue test merely confirmed this.

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