12:25pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By Texas Bob
Will it be enough to rekindle that stone-cold 15 minutes of infamy? I'll be sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens next.

Its either that or pressing my face into a belt sander. I haven't decided which is less painful yet.

By dustrider
If you have no shame and have done something infamous enough, you can be famous for the rest of your life. If you have no shame and lots of money, like Paris Hilton or Donald Trump, you can create your own embarrsing events, instead of having to wait for the networks to give you a platform like Joey and Amy.
By DarkUrthe
Joey is thinking of Amy as two 16 year olds...
By DarkUrthe
Watch Amy get shot in the face by Joey's new jailbait lover...
By wankette
Isn't this one of the biblical signs of Armageddon?
By ZeldaC
I wonder if his prison nickname was 'The Silver Mullet'
By jd nyc
I'm guessing he had several prison nicknames....

after you've been dethroned as "The Snake Skin Voodoo Man," everything else is just a let-down
By DarkUrthe
Joey does have the mulletude down pat.
By sawbuck
Joey B looks like Steven Seagal's older, fatter, drunker, and bigger loser brother.
By ZeldaC
Steven Seagal and Joey Buttafuoco seem to be running neck and neck for the same title.
By conehead
Lemme guess...what prison name, with some deep hidden meaning, could one make from "Butt-A-Fuque-O"?

Hey Joey...were you the pitcher or the catcher?
By sawbuck
When Amy turns 32, Joey's gonna trade her in for two 16's.
By DarkUrthe
sawbuck, nice variant on my joke... which is a joke I ripped from Letterman when he used to be funny and making fun of Roman Polanski.
By JasonSt
Clip-art nonsense; fuck yeah!
By jd nyc
suggested title for reality show:

"Yes, Yuh-Rahhnna - Whaddya Mean 'That's 2 Words?' Ya Think I Dunno Howda Tawk To A Judge? Whatsamatta Wit'chu?!"

it could work!
By sawbuck
Sorry, DarkU, I had a brain fart. I'll give proper credit next time.
By DarkUrthe
sawbuck, I liked yours better.
By sawbuck
Thinking back, my dad used to say that to my mom back in the 70's, and I'm pretty sure he 'borrowed' it from Redd Foxx in the 60's.

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