12:17pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By DarkUrthe
Kevin can put me down for a shirt...
By Onsomefarawaybeach
By Jim Treacher
Kevin can put it down me shirt... ER UM I MEAN!
By DarkUrthe
Jim, yeeesh a guy offers up some charitble action for Mr Godlington's good cause...
By Mckenzie
I got a Red Eye cast signed T-shirt including signatures by Julia Allison, Mike Baker and Keving Godlington. I also bought some shirts from his web site and everything is great. I highly recommend all products and I will definitely buy more. Now, if I can just get one of Greg's unicorn drawings..
By Lori_Z
Yup, Mckenzie. The baby doll t-shirts are fab and the camis and thongs are also very cute.

Best part is that the $$ is for a most worthy cause.

And Greg, you can shop there while naked if that helps.

By DarkUrthe
Greg will send out a unicorn drawing... really...

I have given up sending in captions...

Though it seems odd he shills this website on the show and only a handful of people show up... even with latenight ratings I would figuire more would roll in...
By Jim Treacher
Not everybody leaves comments.
By tootsie
on my way over to Kevin's to buy stuff. I love it when Kevin is on REdGut. Kevin's demeanor & accent on the show are way cool. He's made being serious and humorous at the same time a rare & delightful phenomenun. Make him a regular... Please.

p.s. my african grey parrot calls out, "Kevin?" and "Kevin, be Quiet!" a lot. 'Bo' used to live in a home with a 6 y/o named that.
By Texas Bob
This is a great idea, and a cause near and dear to my heart. I'm going to rummage through my Iraq souvenir box and send him some junk to sell. It isn't doing me any good, and I don't even like looking at the stuff.
By DarkUrthe
So Jim, what is the hit rate for the site? But even if people only read through things even a late night show has a great many viewers, I would sort of expect a higher % of them to stick around...

Not that I mind per se, I think the smallish crowd here is kinda more in on the joke and maybe too many people would ruin that vibe...
By wankette
Greg & "nude yoga"?

And now it's in my head.
By DarkUrthe
Man that is still better than Al Sharpton in Playgirl...
By wankette
Eeeeuuueeewwww, DarkUrthe...take it back, now!
By Jim Treacher
"So Jim, what is the hit rate for the site?"

No idea. All I know is that not everybody who visits a site is compelled to register to comment.
By AlisonNetherland
Alison Netherland
By AlisonNetherland
Is everyone still active here? lol--ah, the sunlight hurts my eyes so...

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