12:21pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By DarkUrthe
With my looks I can get into Chucky Cheese; I am an anthropomorphic mouse.
By sawbuck
That bastard mouse and his crew got way too much of my money when my kids were little.

Having said that, they did actually make a decent enough pizza.
By DarkUrthe
450 tickets for a Hello Kitty wallet my ass...

The pizza at Chuckie Cheeze's is better than I exected...
By MoxArgon
Is it just me, or is anyone else uncomfortable with O&A using an obviously mentally ill homeless man as the butt of their 'comedy' routine?

Real comedy comes from knocking those who should know better, but refuse to, (eg: Rosie O'Donnell, 9/11 Truthers, All Politicians) or from one's own faults & quirks, not abusing someone with a horrible disease. I call it the schoolyard bully style of c...
By MoxArgon

Damn thing cut me off when it said I was within the character limit.
By Jim Treacher
Mox, whether it makes you uncomfortable or not, the question is whether or not it should be a firing offense. Considering XM hired them to do exactly that kind of stuff, I say no.
By SimianWarhead
Wouldn't free air time be the brass ring for any mentally ill person? Regardless of their intentions they have given this man an audience infinitely greater than the hapless sots within earshot at the food court free of charge. I bet he is ecstatic- probably the high point of his life. O&A are making dreams happen for the downtrodden. Kudos!
By jd nyc
SimianWarhead - well-said!

beats my intended reply of: "nah, it's just you"

By lizard boy
That's why libs pledge to NPR.
By MoxArgon

I don't think being a jerk should be a firing offense, especially when jerkitude is in your job description, as in the case of O&A. I'm just a little uncomfortable with using a homeless nutjob as a stooge. I prefer targets that are higher on the socio-political food chain.
By DarkUrthe
homeless nutjob and stooge are not mutually incompatible...
By Jim Treacher
I finally got to listen to the entire interview (expect a post about it tomorrow), and Charlie wasn't a stooge. He can take care of himself, not only on the street but verbally.
By Nilbog
Have you guys never even tasted pizza before? Chuck E Cheese pie made Dominoes Death Disks taste like manna from heaven. My favorite cuisine has always been free food, but I walked away from the birthday rat's offering.
By DarkUrthe
Nilly, I thought it was okay, but I guess YMMV between locations. I will admit I may have been having a siezure courtesy of the flashing lights, screaming kids and sundry bells and whistles.

Dominos is well below my pizza mendoza line...
By dustrider
Really, if it wasn't for his gender, Homeless Charlie's rants would have made him a perfect replacement for Rosie O'Donnell on "The View" (well, he would have had to add something about bad treatment of Princess Di to justify his rant on Queen Elizabeth, but both that and relocating nine blocks up Broadway to the sidewalk outside the ABC studios wouldn't be that big of a problem).
By Quidnunc Savant
Doesn't anybody ever update this site
By DarkUrthe
The hobo would have had mor ein common with Rosie, they both like the chicks...
By Jim Treacher
no, nobody updates this site, ever

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