12:22pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By DarkUrthe
Who doesn't adore Mrs. Gurfeld?
By calgrammy
Mrs. Gutfeld should have her own show. Happy Mother's Day Mrs. Gutfeld.
By DarkUrthe
Indeed, Happy Mother's day Mrs G.
By jd nyc
Happy Mother's Day, Mrs Gutfeld - I hope Greg's florist gets it right this time!

but if he doesn't, I look forward to hearing all about it!!
By Mckenzie
My mom used to make me pull weeds all summer, too, from the garden. Happy mother's day Mrs. Gut. We love this show.
By mynameischris
happy mother's day mrs g! i hope you enjoy the stripper i sent
By lizard boy
Something tells me she'd tell him to put something on before he catches a cold. Then she'd make him some cocoa...or a sloe gin fizz, whichever she found first.

Happy Mother's Day.
By ilikevanilla
Greg is so lucky to have grown up with a mother who is so politically savvy and astute. Happy Mother's day Mrs. G, keep up the good work!
By SouthofthePark
Greg has the best mom. Happy Mother's Day Mrs. Gutfeld!
By ZeldaC
Happy belated Mom's Day to Mrs. Gutfeld. I hope you don't get completely drunk either.

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