12:24pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By dustrider
What some people don't seem to get (yet) is that by going after something said on a satellite pay channel with a blocking option, the censorship folks have moved the goalposts another notch back, so that in the future when their perferred talk show host is in the crosshairs, there's no defense, because some of the same people who like Rush (who has wisely kept mum on this lastest issue)...
By dustrider
...or Boortz, or O'Reilly (who haven't and should know better) have already made it clear they're OK with tighter censorship. Once you tighten the rules, you're really on shaky ground when you later on try to say someone else like Al Sharpton can't tighten them even more.
By Adrian
What about the dif b/w "I think you're wrong and you shouldn't be allowed to say that" and "I think you're wrong and I'm gonna write in and complain to your main sponsors"? Because I agree with you on this, I do, it's just that I agreed with HotAir over the Akon thing and the View thing (pressuring companies to pull ads). Do you think there's a difference? If so, what is it, exactly?
By Adrian
Also, unrelated to that, with the blogosphere and podcasts and stuff, it's not like any voice that really wants to be heard is in danger, right? Nobody can make Glenn stop the instacasts, right?
By Adrian
So it's just a question of how you balance your desire to say what you want and your desire to make a lot of money (that you might lose if you're less restrained). This ain't no one-paper town no more, censorship can't really exist anymore, or am i totally wrong?
By Jim Treacher
I'm ambivalent about the Akon thing. I don't like these sorts of campaigns, but then, the guy basically dry-humped a 14-year-old girl onstage. He went a little beyond making a stupid joke about something awful. I'm not going to call for his head, but I'm not that worried about what happens to him either. If that makes me a hypocrite, so be it.
By dustrider
It also depends on how hard you go looking for it.

To find Homeless Charlie's rant and be offended, you had to actively subscribe to XM for $12.95 a month, go to Ch. 202 (between the Big East and NHL broadcasts) and then passively not opt for channel blocking. It's the equivalent of recording HBO's "Real Sex" putting it on YouTube and then being outraged that this is broadcast to the public...
By cfoster
There are big differences between saying, "I think you're wrong" and saying, "you shouldn't be allowed to say that." For one, most who utter the latter are officious, moralistic assholes. However, I don`t think we want to challenge their right to say whatever stupid shit they want. Better to counter them with reasoned argument, or ridicule, or letter writing campaigns calling for THEIR jobs. ...
By calgrammy
The so called Rev. Al can't be fired, he works for himself. He has job security but he is willing to go after anyone that is white and have them fired. People have to pay to listen to O&A, I really don't get wht all the fuss is about. I must be missing something, besides my eyeglasses, I know they are here somewhere.
By conehead
Imam Al "Not-so-SHARP-but-weighs-a-TON"...what else can you say about him? I just wanted to write his entire name, rather than the shortened version he uses in public.
By sawbuck
It seems that a lot of black activists are 'reverends' for tax purposes.
By DarkUrthe
Sawbuck... shhhhhh... thats supposed to be a secret!
By SimianWarhead
I've been getting the runaround lately- can someone tell me if I can apply for my free speech permit from sharpton or do I have to go elsewhere. I guess I should be asking flava flav or chuck d.
By ZeldaC
Sharpton is backed into a corner with the whole Opie and Anthony scafoffle. No one thinks for a second that he really cares about some homeless guy talk of raping Condi Rice. I don't think he's ready to handle the can of worms he opened.

Akon can go to hell. I don't care about his lyrics, but that was a humiliating assault on a kid, so let him fry.
By DarkUrthe
Caption for the photo:

"I tell lies THIS big everyday!"
By lizard boy
How about I think they were wrong and should be accountable for their actions?
By Nilbog
I thought the headline for this was "Nappy Now?" I guess it was just a Freudian racist slip. Penis.
By Jim Treacher
"How about I think they were wrong and should be accountable for their actions?"

Accountable to whom? You? Suppose some gay-rights group goes after Gutfeld's job because they're offended by his jokes. Should he be accountable to them?
By The Rabid Owl
If someone in the media asked Condi Rice if she were offended by the O&A /Homeless Charlie bit, I would be willing to bet she would say "its a free society" and leave it at that.

If Condi isn't offended, leave them alone.
By lizard boy
Accountable to their employer. Imus was fired, ostensibly, because sponsors were bailing. Their employer can, within the confines of the employment contract, take whatever action he deems necessary.

In your Gutfeld hypothetical, he is accountable to Fox, his employer. The gay rights group can stuff it, but that's probably already "Mission Accomplished."

By Jim Treacher
So you think the people trying to get these guys fired can stuff it too?

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