12:27pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By Borchy
She got the new environmentally friendly model.
By tootsie
would someone please tell Sheryl that she has her blouse backward.
By redeyes
Anyone notice I got Levy's bio fixed on IMDB?


Also, the RSS feed here is broken. Haven't seen anything this past week in Google Reader as a result. Click on this link to see the damage.


By R.E.O. Speedwagon
Prediction: This baby will consume more carbon credits than my parents by the time it is 10 years old.
By dustrider
Sheryl's spent a month in a bus with Laurie David, so I'm guessing she thinks she can handle any whiny, spoiled brat now.

By dustrider
And what's with this Michael Musto being on "Red Eye" early Tuesday morning? Is Greg trying to make Keith Olbermann feel like a jilted lover, losing one of his key guest to Fox? What's next for the sneaky "Red Eye" crew -- Dana Milbank? David Shuster? The laughing guy behind the camera? (Watch Musto get Worst Person in the World over this tratiorous action.)
By DarkUrthe
Implants! Stat!
By DarkUrthe
40 something gals with sort of a saggy rack really need to pick clothes a bit better... Though I am sure that dress is hand sewn and made from 100% recycled material .. so maybe it is a wash.
By airborne
lance armstrong left his wife for those
By sawbuck
Is Sheryl going to knit her son a recyclable diaper out of hemp, or will she make the nanny do it?
By sawbuck
At first I thought she was wearing that blouse because it would facilitate breast feeding, but then realized that the child would starve to death if he had to depend on those milk duds.
By DarkUrthe
Sawbuck, no she will use a carbon off set to have the hemp diaper made in columbia by a firm that doesn;t have much of a carbon footprint.
By DarkUrthe
airborne, Lance's wife did pop out some kids, so relative to MS Crow they may not have been so swell...
By SimianWarhead
If I don't use my one square a visit to the loo allowance for a month can I bank it and use it later? I'm preparing for a long overdue Taco Bell and Tanqueray morning after emergency. Also, has she been working as a wet nurse for fully grown silverback gorillas or what?
By sawbuck
Taco Bell and Tanqueray? Don't worry, they'll allow you more than one square of teepee during your hospital stay.
By DarkUrthe
Simian, I am giving a hobo two bottles of Boone's Family Wine to toilet paper offset my usage.
By jd nyc
as the warm weather approaches, Environmentalist Sheryl Crow embarks on her latest public awareness campaign:

"Cover up when outdoors; exposed skin is an invitation for mosquito bites"
By SouthofthePark
Somebody needs to tell her to put on a bra, 'cause that is Nasty....
By DarkUrthe
She has okay boobs (a google search will yield topless pics) but the problem is that dress is just not good for a gal with a smallish rack a bit of a spread between said boobs.
By Nilbog
Those fried eggs had better be from organic-fed free range hens.
By DarkUrthe
Ask Laurie David... there has gotta be some lib on lib action going on there...
By El Duderino
Some Thoughts:

The first word out of that poor kid's mouth will "more".

Perhaps some strategically rubbed ice cubes might help.

Maybe her head and arms are on backwards.

Hacky Sack(s) anyone?

She obviously has better things to do with TP than wipe her ass.

Didn't she used to be on The Man Show? No, well my mistake.

By Nilbog

Knowing Simian, that hobo you give the Boone's Farm to just might be him.
By DarkUrthe
Nilly, if he was... I sould have upgarded him to a couple bottle of Mad Dog 20/20.
By jd nyc
wow - I can't believe you guys could even joke about SimianWarhead like that!

SW - if I ever come across you living on the streets, I would at least treat you to a bottle of Rebel Yell AND a new cardboard box!

By Shannan
Sheryl Crow's boobs look curiously similar to a dog's impacted anal sacs. The black cloak does not help matters.
By Shannan
Sawbuck - she will get her nanny to do it. She is like Rosie O'Donnell. She is totally anti NRA, but her bodyguards are armed to the teeth.

As long as SHE is not soiled... so to speak.

By DarkUrthe
If she uses so little toilet paper, she may be a little soiled.
By Capitalchick
you guys are mean! that's a great halloween costume!

(How come there are only about five rich people on the planet who seem to own a mirror?)
By sawbuck
Sheryl doesn't need a mirror. All of the ass-kissers in her entourage are always there to tell her she's the fairest of them all.
By Shannan
Capitalchick... Paris Hilton is hoarding the mirrors. I wish she would give one to Cameron Diaz. Seems the students from Crusty the Clown School have been painting her face and dressing her for the past few years.
By Nilbog
Purchase some carbon debits in her and her son's name to celebrate the occaision:



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