12:15pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the The Times Herald-Record


By Shannan

Laughs! The guy that wrote that article must be held in permanent suspension. All the halfwits are fueled by the grinding wall to wall coverage of this crap.

Sharpton is the leader of the half-whits. Freaking banting rooster.
By Sparks
You really aren't entertaining or funny. Where's Greg? This sucks....
By Jim Treacher
Greg's been asking about you, Sparks! Please contact him immediately. (He won't say why, but only that it's VERY IMPORTANT. Then he goes back to picking at the scabs.)
By RoommateCode
What kind of an out-of-touch ass clown never heard of Breitbart.TV?
By Jim Treacher
Yeah, it's been around for a whole week.
By dustrider
I see where Trojan has decided to pull its advertising from the Opie & Anthony Show:


New slogan: Trojans -- The condom for people without any balls.

By matt m.

I salute you sir.
By Jim Treacher
They advertise on O&A? I listen to them on XM, so I guess I never hear those ads. Well, most of their fans never need condoms anyway (myself included).
By cfoster
I don't know Jim. The same right that allows Opie and Andie to make fun of raping whoever also protects the rights of others to agitate for hanging opie and andie or whatever. What you're on about strikes me as just another species of political correctness. If I want to scream for opie and andy's jobs, it's my constitutional right. Just sit back and enjoy the show.
By cfoster
Don't get me wrong. I've never in my life tried to get someone fired from their job. It wouldn't occur to me. On the other hand, I've never gotten all huffy when someone else has.
By Jim Treacher
Thank you, cfoster, for that enlightening anecdote.
By cfoster
You bet
By redeyes
"You don't need the government hovering over you in order to feel a chill on what you can and can't say."

Yeah, you only need the specter of a six figure income dependent on advertisers to really feel that dreaded chill.

Grow up.

By Jim Treacher
No thanks.
By conehead
Opie and Anthony used to be, to me, a "Who gives a fuck?" Now I'm encouraged to listen to them. Anyone who can air someone who will piss all over Al Sharpton can't be all bad.
By Sparks
Greg's been asking about you, Sparks! Please contact him immediately. (He won't say why, but only that it's VERY IMPORTANT. Then he goes back to picking at the scabs.)


Now that's funny...
By DarkUrthe
Anyone who pisses all over Rev Al and truthers can be all bad...
By Shannan
Read today that those CBS shock jocks show that called a Chinese restaurant and ordered \"Flied Lice\" etc. have had their show cancelled.

Can\'t stand that \"humor\", but... makes me root for Imus to get some serious money from CBS. It was a mystery to CBS execs about the content of these two shows? SOMEONE should be fired... maybe Les Moonves. Yeh, no maybe.
By lizard boy
I would not have fired Imus, but I fight have had a talk with him along the lines of, "I'm catching hell and sponsors are bailing. I'll be the backstop as long as you at least try to throw to the catcher. If not..."

Moonves should be the poster boy for the new Trojans.
By Shannan
Lizardboy, you have to have something to slip the Trojan onto. Moonves... out... except... do they make a female condom? His parents aptly named him Leslie. Freaking pantywaist.
By DarkUrthe
Jim Norton really needs to invest in platform shoes...
By Shannan
I think I know what happened to Moonves' balls:


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