12:19pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the Wired


By Point5

Seriously, don't people ever get tired of being constantly offended? It's too bad the internet is so awesomely cool, because otherwise, it completely sucks.
By StoutRepublican
I'm with you on this one Jim, suck to see the Hot Air folks acting like a bunch of weenies.
By Lori_Z
Welcome to Oceania. I am saddened to learn, however, that the right has now embraced newspeak and doublethink.
By salvator m
america is doomed. we're supposed to be the home of the free and brave and all that crap, and people are getting shit and getting fired for comedy bits! mike wallace asks mitt romney if he and his wife had pre-maritial sex, like that's a bad thing. the movie ratings board is going to consider portrayals of smoking as a criteria for rating a movie.
By salvator m
our government is trying to protect us from shithead muslim terrorists, and get accused of racial profiling when shithead muslims are the terrorists. we've lost our scrot, and the next generation will pay for it.

by the way, george carlin would never have a career if he started out now thanks to our society's new intolerance.
By DarkUrthe
Salvator, we may pay the price as well... I am just outside of baby boomers and that generation (as a whole) has been truely ruinous on our country. On the flip side the next couple of generations might see that too.
By ubermosher
Love you, love the blog.

The thread on Hotair is really sad. I really don't see a difference between what Ian said and the vociferiousness of the appalled and that of Al Sharpton and the moonbat screamers. I guess the only difference between the left and right in 2007 politics is their sacred cows.

By ubermosher
At this point, I'll vote for whichever candidate, Democrat or Republican, that will run on a platform of "get over yourself".

By sawbuck
Sadly, that candidate will never appear in either party. There exists a sizeable bloc of voters who suffer from too many inner conflicts that originated in their upbringing. They're not looking for a president; they're looking for a national Daddy who will make them feel loved and wanted. Any candidate who says, 'get over yourself' is toast.
By Jim Treacher
"I guess the only difference between the left and right in 2007 politics is their sacred cows."

There you go. That's what I've been trying to say.
By dustrider
What's sad is the Palovian reaction on some of the sites like Hot Air, which goes that if something bad was said about Condi on O&A's show, these guys must not only be shock jocks, but somewhere to the left of Michael Moore. Obviously they never heard the show, let alone the Jason Bemas "Loose Change" interview.
By E5infantry
You know I could have been a model?

All I know is that this show today is the most painful experience since I had kidney stones. Barely a joke to be found, and the tension underneath is so palpable I am choking on it.

Right now, someone somewhere is on hold waiting to be the "your mom's box" caller at 8:55.
By E5infantry
I just got the Wackbag call to action. In case anyone wants to write to E-Lo, it is 'eric.logan@xmradio.com'
By cfoster
There's nothing at all inconsistent about saying 'I support your right to say anythying you please' and at the same time saying, 'what you just said is absolutely disgusting and you are an asshole.'
By Jim Treacher
Who said it was?
By matt m.
It's a strange world. If I talk about stabbing and raping my kids before shitting and cumming on them, I get in trouble. If I add "The Aristocrats!" at the end it's okay.

By Cracajac
This is what happens when a word or words must have a meaning,they get classified jus like people good or bad
By matt m.
By ClydeS
There's a difference between "That tight-assed bitch could use a good fucking" and "Man, wouldn't it be cool to watch her look of horror as we raped her." Nuance, dudes. Nuance.
By matt m.
Yeah, like when YOU JUST SAID "...wouldn't it be cool to watch the look of horror as we raped her".

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