12:20pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the Roger Friedman


By MoxArgon
Perhaps he should do something other than make laughing stocks of his past successes if he wants the right to criticize others. I wonder what his opinion would be if Spidey-3's $200 million FX budget was spent at ILM?
By Nilbog
In celebration of the return of comments, I will revert to haiku-only format for a day:

Bearded sage of film

No silliness escapes him

Jar Jar Binks was great
By Lord Sholto Douglas
Yoda fights SAVES film

Lucas jabs Bush in message

Lucas not so clever
By dustrider
I suppose this means Fox will never get to do the long awaited match-up of Yoda vs. the Green Goblin. Too bad.
By Texas Bob
I can't say much about anybody's hair since mine is thinner than Nicole Richie, but I still think his looks pretty dang stupid. Though I must say I do admire that WC Fields gin-blossom nose he's working on.
By natesnake
I guess when your as wealthy as God, it doesn't bother you to shit in the proximity of where you eat.
By DarkUrthe
It isn;t like Lucas has become a better (or worse writer). What is it about Star Wars, Empire and even Jedi that work and the newer movies that are bascially trainwrecks?
By DarkUrthe
I think Natalie Portman was just a cardboard cutout with some nipples put in via CGI... she proved exactly how she is an overrated talent...
By Nilbog
Portman's peformance

master of "Beautiful Girls"

Lucas robs talent
By Boblablah
Laurie David refuses to post my comment at the HuffPoo. All I did was compliment her for switching to compact florescents in her Gulfstream.

PS: I think Jar Jar Binks was a racist character.

By DarkUrthe
boblablah, are you at all shocked?

If Jar Jar was racist so was Ted Danson doing black face... I refuse to believe that!
By huckleberry
So what exactly did Jar Jar do that makes you think he is a racist? Didn't he reach across the aisle to the Naboo?
By dustrider
Well, Jar Jar stole Mr. Mxyzptlk's voice from those old Filmation Superman cartoons, so he's obviously ripping off dwarf magicians from other dimensions. Second, his mannerisms look like he should be doing Y-M-C-A with the Yankees' ground crew during the 5th inning drag, if you get my drift.
By ilikevanilla
Chewbaca, he was a Wookie.
By jd nyc
oh, no - the Chewbaca Defense!

for some reason I have a sudden compulsion to go check out the OJ comments
By DarkUrthe
Mr Levy's riffing of Lucas last night was riotous...
By violet
Lucas is an idiot who ran out of ideas after he used as much of Frank Herbert's material as copyright law would allow. He's just pissed because he SUCKS.
By varminy
the first two spiderman films were long dull chick movies. havn't seen the new one. i take it as a positive that lucas still recognizes such concepts as "silly" and "story". maybe he's reconnecting with reality.
By Jim Treacher
Welcome back from the Bizarro World!
By SouthofthePark
Lucas really is clueless. God forbid they have a spinoff where Padme dies again...... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
By El Duderino
After the last three Star Wars films Lucas has some balls saying anything about anything. In fact the only reason I liked the first three is that I was 10. Watch them again and the two things you'll notice is how bad they are and Carrie Fisher had a smoking body when she was chained to that Rosie O'Donnell looking thing.

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