12:21pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the TMZ


By MoxArgon
Now I know what to get both Don Imus and Al Sharpton for next Xmas.
By BiggusDickus
So . . . "ho" is in the dictionary. Which one? What's the official plural?

Thinking of the price of a DVD of nappy-headed ho's vs. the price of a live one, who was it who said, "You're not paying for sex; you're paying her to leave"?
By dustrider
Notice the company doesn't say if the girls are naturally nappy. Truth in advertising indeed.
By Texas Bob
That "Too Hot For Radio" tag is a typo.

"With Faces Made For Radio"

There. That's better.
By DarkUrthe
This product defines ho's on several levels....
By DarkUrthe
Apaprently other parts of te cover model are nappy too... it looks like a pubic superhighway (as opposed to a modest treasure trail) is peeking out from her pink undies...

That is like twice the nappiness for the price of one!
By Nilbog
Hos with nappy heads

Imus rotting werewolf corpse

Can't we get along?
By ZeldaC
I want to see afros on everything. That's the only way I'll buy it.
By DarkUrthe
I guess this is slightly more tasteful than Al Sharpton doing a spread in Playgirl...
By ZeldaC
"I guess this is slightly more tasteful than Al Sharpton doing a spread in Playgirl..."

Mercy. Please don't ever use 'Al Sharpton' and 'spread' in the same sentence again. If I don't eat, certain parts of my anatomy to which I have become rather fond, will disappear.
By ilikevanilla
If Imus wins his breach of contract suit, I wonder if he will need any 'donations' or will he turn around and donate the money to Rutgers? He should use the money to hire scores of nappy headed ho's and bring them out to a fancy dinner a la Borat. Maybe Flavor of Love cast offs.
By DarkUrthe
I saw some nappy handled hoes at The Home Depot today...
By conehead
Al Sharpton...

So much mass, so little class.

Out of respect for Zelda (and the cherished photo) I will not utter those two words together. They will be separated by at least a paragraph.
By DarkUrthe
After scouting out the nappydvd site, erm that cover model should shave, her upper lip... but the curtains match the drapes so to speak...
By DarkUrthe
30 dollars would be better spent at Kevin Godlington's support the troops website... those are some nappy headed hos...
By sawbuck
These straight-up street-balling beeyotches got mad ball-handling skillzz. They'll take on yo' magic johnson 'til he cain't take no mo'.
By ClydeS
"I'll bet yo mama was a tent show queen,

"And all the boyfriends was sweet sixteen,

"I'm no schoolboy but I know what I like,

"You shoulda heard me just around midnight..."

Damn, that's ho-dacious!
By ClydeS
And I'm seriously down with the natural tits. 'Sides, with the sistas, it's all about the bootay. Ain't no white chick alive gonna compete with the sistas in the bootay department. Word.
By sawbuck
"Ain't no white chick alive gonna compete with the sistas in the bootay department."

Gotta give props to my sno-flake home-girlzz. It ain't the meat, it's the MOTION!
By SouthofthePark
For some reason, this reminds me of that "Soul-Glo" commercial in "Coming to America"....I don't know why.

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