12:22pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By DarkUrthe
If OJ's ambulance chaser, I mean attourney says "He screwed with the wrong guy, he really did," that sort of screams he really has no case.
By DarkUrthe
I think this is tied in with the Kennedy Assassination.

Two guys with the name of Ruby

Both Ruby's own restaurants of some sort

Both do something mean to a killer

I mean, really, can't you see it?

OJ killed JFK!
By DarkUrthe
Jim, I score you 2 out of 4 posts have been about African Americans.

Obama is half white, so that is a wash...
By ZeldaC
"He screwed with the wrong guy, he really did."

That's going to improve his image. Because lately he's been looking a little pussified.

By tootsie
DarkUrethra says >>If OJ's ambulance chaser, I mean attourney says "He screwed with the wrong guy, he really did," that sort of screams he really has no case.>>

i say, O.J. is messing with the wrong guy. Ruby, who (as DarkU pointed out) is the namesake, if not related to Jack Ruby who exacted justice on another killer. see above posts.
By DarkUrthe
Tootsie_starring_Dustin_Hoffman: OJ had better watch himself any time he is in a parking garage or basement... Those are the Ruby's favored hunting grounds...
By Borchy
"He screwed with the wrong guy, he really did," Galanter said by telephone Tuesday night.

He's right, I wouldn't mess with a guy who acted in the Naked Gun franchise. Oh, I heard he also killed his ex-wife and her boyfriend.
By dustrider
Hey, wasn't Anna Nicole Smith in the last "Naked Gun" movie? And wasn't Anna Nicole's daughter Dannielynn in Louisville with Larry Birkhead at the same time OJ was? I think we can certainly make some sort of conspiracy out of this!
By jd nyc
and don't forget - her son Daniel once ran through an airport to keep a car rental reservation!

pretty freaky
By BiggusDickus
I've met Jeff Ruby. He's an upright but no shit kind of guy. And, as it happens, OJ was cool about it but his "date," a blonde, got in Jeff's face aboutthe "not guilty verdict." See Ruby's interview for yourself on video at


Slide down the right side for OJ's picture and click on it.
By salvator m
they should have just let OJ sit there and not serve him and see how long it took him to pick up a knife and threaten someone.
By MoxArgon
I don't think the race argument will stick considering the table was immediately given to Michael Jordan according to some reports.

It might have had more to do with the death of the waiter, considering the owner is around waiters all day.

And I've been having a heck of a time logging into comments. It took me a bunch of tries before it would accept my password. WTF?
By BiggusDickus
"I ain' sayin' he shoulda killed her . . . But I understan'"

--pre-sellout Chris Rock, "Bring The Pain"

If OJ kept a lower profile, I'd be inclined to consider Rock's point of view.

By stinky
Didn't read the passage above, but I bet it was worth reading!

Here's a link for Andrew Levi[sic intentional]:


They're not expensive Andy.

By stinky
Plus, 400 character thing. yadda yadda yadda. I'll complain until you fix it. Or ban me. And if you ban me, I'll still complain, but only to my friends, who will then ostrascize me for being so annoying. Is that something you can live with?

It's cruel, that's what it is. Don't be cruel, Jim. Force your minions to fix the 400 char bug!
By stinky
Crud, is your name actually 'Jim'? If not, please accept my apologies. When I try to recall my formative years in NJ and going out to eat at 'Jim' Treacher's Fish and Chips, it just doesn't click.
By DarkUrthe
OJ once killed a man for snoring too loud.
By sawbuck
I think Ruby missed a golden opporunity to 'serve' Simpson. I would have brought him out a platter of my freshest fried dumpster rat and a sparkling bottle of finely aged piss.
By sawbuck
He certainly cured Nicole from her snoring problem.
By The Rabid Owl
If OJ had been served, I can just hear him comment as he slices through his steak.. "Damn....I wisha I had one of these knifes".....
By The Rabid Owl
DarkUrthe... Jack Ruby owned a strip club in Dallas, not a restaurant. But OJ has been thrown out of strip clubs in Florida for hassling the dancers. Using this line of logic we can still put \"Orenthal\" on the grassy knoll to shoot JFK.
By Texas Bob
OJ is black? No he isn't. No black man in America would allow himself to be named Orenthal.

And what's with this blonde chick hanging out with him? She must be gambler or an illiterate former nun from Northern Norway.
By natesnake
That's the funny thing about a civil suit. All it take is $50 to file (sans basis), and the defending attorney fee meter starts running.

I appreciate Rudy's stand, but lesser cases have found the light of day with a sizable cash award.
By DarkUrthe
Rabid Owl, I think OJ could have jumped those hedges and sjhort fence to get into position. He was younger then and TV ads verfiy he can jump large piles of luggage.

Jack Ruby owned nightclubs, strip clubs and dancehalls. I guess there may not have been food involved. I should not have introduced a weak link in my OJ killed JFL theory, but I like the stripper angle better, boobs sell better).
By Nilbog
OJ likes rare steak

plenty of blood on his knife

muslims are safer
By ilikevanilla
Nilbog is awesome

his haikus leave me breathless

OJ just scares me
By DarkUrthe
Is OJ a nappy headed media ho?
By conehead
Irony in action: The OJ's hit was "Backstabber".
By ClydeS
Mojo Nixon said it best:

"Orenthal James was a mighty bad man,

"Killed two people last night,

"Chopped off their heads in West L.A.,

"Must have been a mighty sharp knife, poor boy,

"Must have been a mighty sharp knife!"

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