12:24pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the Us Weekly


By sawbuck
Too bad that she has a horse face and no rack.
By dustrider
If this was a "Twilight Zone" episode, Sarah Jessica Parker would have woken up this morning weighing 250 pounds and with PETA signs all over her house.
By R.E.O. Speedwagon
I'm more interested in "Whats inside Paris' Jail Cell"? I'm guessing a terlet full of grain alcohol and herpes medication.
By DarkUrthe
I still have no desire to jump in that Lake.
By DarkUrthe
Is Angelina in tears because her kids arn't molesting other little kids like good old mom?
By salvator m
the good thing is that now regular sized bags fit over her head.
By DarkUrthe
And they don't have to be bags full of hamburgers from McDonalds...
By The Rabid Owl
It has a very bad reputation, and eats your brain, intestines, etc.. but I think Ricki will be the first to admit that crank works wonders.
By salvator m
i happened to see the actual cover tonight and i am sure that the picture is of a rikki lake marionette that will be used in the next team america movie.
By Texas Bob
Good onya Ricki! I give props to anyone who can shed half their body weight without stapling their stomach. Take notes Rosie. Or consider having your pie hole stapled.
By Curved Space
Too bad. Now she'll have to do something about that gigantic head.
By DarkUrthe
That is some puppet sex I do NOT want to see.
By Nilbog
If she lost half her body mass, this makes for a truly horrifying possibility - a monstrosity of modern science. TWO RICKI LAKES"S !! One as pictured on the mag and the other a zombie Frankenstein version made from her leftover flesh. And no one will be able to tell them apart.
By DarkUrthe
Nilly, what if one bloats back to 220 pounds and then subdivides again? Soon we will live in a world awash with Rikki Lakes.
By Nilbog
From the upcoming film "The Planet of the Lakes":

"Oh, my God!

We finally really did it.

You maniacs!

God damn you!

God damn you all to hell!"

By Shannan
My hope is that now that she can cross her legs she will be less likely to produce one of those baby birthing videos again. ps - her head looks like it was superimposed on that body. pps - if this was Twilight Zone, Sarah Jessica Parker would not be winnying for oats and hanging by the salt lick. Meow.
By mynameischris
there's no hiding that unsightly belly sag

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