12:25pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By WaldoFeathers
And yet he had word-time, thought-time and speaking-time to elaborate as to an excuse in three beats:

"There are going to be times when I get tired," (Obama) said. "There are going to be times when I get weary. There are going to be times when I make mistakes."
By DarkUrthe
Just the sort of quote we want to hear from a presidential candidate and someone who will have their finger on the button...
By DarkUrthe
12...10000... close enough when it is obviosuly Bush's fault for making tornados.
By Jim Treacher
By The Rabid Owl
I thought Ray Nagin said 10,000 people were killed when New Orleans flooded. What's this with politicians, natural disasters, and the number 10,000??? Its a conspiracy!
By ZeldaC
Bush's evil weather machine must have malfunctioned if only 12 died.
By R.E.O. Speedwagon
Can we speculate that Obama has dyslexia now, like the Democrats do to Bush?
By fumbles mcrape
What is this in reference to?

Frankly I'm outraged this body count didn't include Snow Mexicans and Australians.
By sawbuck
He was just testing his evil weather machine on a white community, hence low casualties. Once it has been properly re-calibrated, he'll pick another chocolate city to wipe out.
By dustrider
Well, at least he didn't say it was the first time a tornado had ever destroyed steel buildings.
By Jim Treacher
Dusty, you are on fire today!
By wankette
You know you guys, he may be weary...sometimes, he gets weary. You should all try a little tenderness.

Seriously, though. *I'm* from Kansas. We don't even have 10,000 people in the whole STATE.
By DarkUrthe
10,000...12... what ever it takes.
By jd nyc
yes, very admirable that he's not offended by every comment made about him - just don't talk about his ears!

when it comes to Maureen Dowd and ALL of the things to "put[her] on notice" about, THAT'S the one he chose??!

ah, The Audacity of a Dope
By sawbuck

9,990 live here in Johnson County, and JOCO doesn't give a damn about the other 10.
By Nilbog
Three Hundred Thousand

Brave Spartans held the hot gates

from twenty Persians
By sawbuck
Twenty Persians are

simply too much for any

household litterbox
By sawbuck
Ah, twenty Persians.

Way more pussy than I can

possibly handle.

By ClydeS
Damn! 10,000 dead crackas in Kansas! I heard they had to resort to cannibalism due to the slow federal response, just like with Katrina! Why does George W. Bush hate white people so much?
By ClydeS
Wankette says "Ten Grand

Live in the Sunflower State"

Nope, that's Wyoming.
By varminy
can't remeber the exact qoute... obama talked about the violence of the virginia tech killings in the same breath as the violence of corporate downsizing and lack of access to healthcare. i knew then he wasn't a deep thinker.

the 1000 slip up was a dumb mistake. but not anything i'd get worked up over.

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