12:15pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the The Tonight Show


By DarkUrthe
Sharpton certainly did not play center...
By IIDXias
NBC was concerned it'd make a liberal's head go boom.


It'd take at least seven straight showings of An Inconvienent Truth, three of them with director commentary turned on, before they'd possibly recover from that.
By Curved Space
"[It's not] about what somebody calls you, it's what you answer to."

Or what you react to. That about says it all.
By DarkUrthe
NBC was concerned it might give a variety of views... the MSM can't be having any of that...
By ZeldaC
That was a pretty funny description of Imus.
By MoxArgon
The proper response to Don Imus' comment would have been the Rutgers players saying: "Imus who?" and walking away.

Alas we live in the age of grievance, freedom be damned.
By dustrider
I want to see Al Sharpton and his Rutgers teammates play BYU. Gonna be some nasty trash talking in that one...
By sawbuck
I think some enterprising young artisan should cast some Al Sharpton lawn jockeys. I'd buy one.
By danredmond
I could really side with Hughley if he didn't prove to be such a liberal idiot on the Bill Maher show. BTW what Golden Girl does Maher look most like - my guess Estelle Getty.
By Jim Treacher
All the more reason to be glad when he gets it right.
By PhillySteve
Anybody have any idea what they bleaped on Rachel when she was talking about the babys with the "J' names?
By Texas Bob
You certainly can't call Sharpton "nappy headed". "Conway Twitty headed", maybe, but definately not "nappy headed". I do not know whether or not the "ho" monicker is appropriate for him. I'm suspecting it is though.

I do know that Kathy Shaidle would say that Treacher is too afraid to wear his hair like Sharpton, unless he'd been trained to do so.
By ThePimento
"He looks like a werewolf that didn't finish changing, don't he?"

Now if we can only teach DL and rappers proper grammar.....
By Point5
"Anybody have any idea what they bleaped on Rachel when she was talking about the babys with the "J' names?"

Rachel is only ever one un-bleeped episode away from Imustown.
By mcaffrey
I have to hand it to Hughley. I didn't really like the guy before, but I think he went out of his way to make the hypocrisy clear. He pushed the envelope to show what he could get away with saying and Imus couldn't, purely because of skin color, and he did it on a forum that matters (at least matters more than the Imus show). Bravo. Seriously. We need this kind of thing.
By DarkUrthe
McC, well put. I think on Michelle Malkin\'s blog she linked to a BET guy who came off just the opposite of DL and basically blames all of society and refused to srutinize blacks at all. Hughley is a comic so it is likely he will push an envelope for humor, but yeah he did make a point.
By DarkUrthe
Point5, Rachel has had a good string of episodes (I think anyways).
By lizard boy
Meds kicking in.
By Johnrap
Imus 120 million to Sharpton 0.
By Shannan
I was wondering what got bleeped too. I think Rachel has been on a roll too... I think since the Kucinich episode. I would like to hear more from Bill. Curiously silent lately. Too bad.

Imus is a woman. Sharpton is a nappy headed media ho. Kucinich looks like a character straight out of Star Trek. I( can say these things because I am an alien looking nappy headed woman... Ho.

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