12:16pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By IIDXias
Having not visited this site for a few days and thus having no idea comments were ever broken, I thought you meant the stupid character limit was gone now. ;o;

On a completely unrelated note, since the entry was so long ago, has anyone come up with a name for the global warming crazies who want to rape our lightbulbs yet? My vote goes for Al Gore and the Gang Green Gang, just because.
By sawbuck
Some potential names: The KILO-WATchers; The Dim Bulbs; The Carbon Foot Fetishers; We Who Are Better Than You
By Dbot1800
I'm just going to stick to calling them assholes.
By Dr. Morbius
I still like my Ice Age Preservationist Society idea...
By MoxArgon
How about Gormers?

A combination of Gore and Warmer, and it sounds a little like Gomer, implying a certain sense of naivety or plain stupidity.
By calgrammy
Last night on REDEYE Samatha Judge came of as a "truther". I have watched every night, but from now on when she is on I will watch the Military Channel instead. As for changing to those crappy light bulbs, never. I better start stocking up.
By lizard boy
I like pre-Copernicans. They are narcissists who demand that man created global warming.

Not coincidently, they also tend to believe in multiculturalism, affirmative action, and political correctness.

We're all guilty, GUILTY! Great, now I'm too upset to go to Starbucks.

By DarkUrthe
Calgrammy, even truther speak doesn't sound so nice coming out of someone pretty...

Andy laid some smack down on Rachel last night... and Rachel was a good sport about it...
By Mckenzie
I'm going with Iran's plan to cure global warming with nuclear winter. I can't afford carbon offsets and those stupid light bulbs suck. Red Eye rules! Samantha Judge has nice light bulbs.
By Borchy
No nicknames for the light bulb people. But if they ever make Sheryl Crow's toilet paper guidelines legislation, they better be called the Sheryl Crow Laws.
By Texas Bob
I liked it better when the comments were broken. I didn't feel compelled to waste time writing some pointless gibberish on this sorry excuse for a blog. Oh yes, and Jim Treacher is a big fat weenie who hates Catholics and would run away from a gun wielding tornado. At least that's what I think I read that Kathy Shaidle saying. Or something to that nature.

By Texas Bob
On and unrelated matter, where is the nearest national park? I`ve got a truck load of old tires and anti-freeze I need to get rid of.

By sawbuck
Don't go to a Nat'l Park! As conservatives, we're duty bound to dump our diseased livestock carcasses, used motor oil, PCB laden transformers, and old car batteries only in or near black neighborhoods. KEEP ENVIRONMENTAL RACISM ALIVE!
By WaldoFeathers
Twisty-Bulbs do more harm to the environment upon discard than do the Old Timey Bulbous bulbs. The Twisty-Bulbs don't biodegrade, they leak nasty chemicals, consumers must pay for someone to "dispose" of them...this Old Timey Bulbous bulbs scare thing is yet another loopey crazy plan by Liberals.
By conehead
My choice for their name is the Al Gore Rhythm, but the Gang Green Gang is pretty clever too. In an enlightened time, we'd simply call them "Luddites".

But before you dump your batteries and antifreeze, send me $600,000,000 plus postage and handling for carbon offsets.

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