12:19pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the CNN


By The Roaming Gnome
This is rubbish!
By Jim Treacher
I know! I liked it better when the comments were broken.
By DarkUrthe
The comments were about as clever...
By DarkUrthe
Tech guys are like hot chicks (in one way, two if you count man boobs), they will say anything to get you off their back.
By Jim Treacher
Also, they're a lot of fun to put your penis in!
By DarkUrthe
Leave my penis out of it.
By DarkUrthe
I love the dhimmitude the media is emoting on this one. Are we such pussies now that as a country we can not even call our enemies for what they are?

Next burgalers will be dubbed houseguests.

Unless they are hanburgalers... they will still be called creepy.
By The Roaming Gnome
Daily Gut is just not the same without the comment trolls around.
By sarahk
DarkUrthe, illegal aliens are already dubbed houseguests, so yeah, that's already happened.

When I first heard about the plot this morning, it was on Fox (even them, yes, the PC is becoming more pervasive there lately, except at 2 a.m.), and they just called them "Yugoslavian nationals." I said to Frank, "Were they Muslim?" because you know, I'm a bigot like that.
By sarahk
So Frank went to the interwebs and found the story somewhere, and I don't know where he found it, but the story quoted the Fox News website that they were Muslim extremists.

I guess it's ok to say it on the interwebs where all the bigots like me reside, but they had to be PC for a while on TV.
By DarkUrthe
If The Roaming Gnome and The Shat got into a fight... who would win?
By DarkUrthe
Sarahk, touche.

You can thank the likes of CAIR and the Democrats for the media being unable to describe anyone because people might be offended.

And a amjority fo them are illegal aliens... hooray for the Federal System keeping us safe... sort of...
By DarkUrthe
If you are a liberal it is okay to say the vilest things about a minority (re what Daily Kos and their ilk slander Michelle Malkin with) but oh no, when someone else does it...

Wouldn't it be nice to have Michelle Malkin guest on Red Eye?
By Jim Treacher
I'm kind of surprised Malkin hasn't led the charge to get Gutfeld fired for being such a pig! (All due respect.)
By DarkUrthe
I think that would be a bite the hand that feeds you issue...

Most people can appreciate mocking, parody and humor. Be it Red Eye or The Daily Show... Michelle appreciation of humor is sometimes uneven, but I think she would not see Greg as an Akon, I mean icon, of mysogyny.

Sorry, long way to go for a bad pun...
By R.E.O. Speedwagon
The usual suspects on the Left (basically Kos, DU, and HuffPo)are saying these guys are just employees of Haliburton and anyone mentioning they are Muslims is racist.
By MoxArgon
Mark my words, if it hasn't already started, we'll be seeing the media and lefty bloggers downplaying how dangerous these guys were because they and their plan were dumber than a sack of mud.

But what if they had gotten their hands on the guns and explosives the wanted and chickened out of hitting an army base and went after a school instead?

That's not so funny.
By DarkUrthe
A stupid person with guns and explosives is dangerous too...
By dustrider
Don't worry -- when the Democrats take control in 2009, the FBI will only infiltrate and arrest smart terrorist group cells. The dumb ones will be allowed to roam the city streets and countrysides as comedy relief for the masses.
By sawbuck
Well IF the Dems take control in '09, the FBI's only function will be to 'monitor' conservative groups the way Clinton told the IRS to go after (audit/harass) them. That's the way the Party of Stalin operates.

By danredmond
Go get 'em Treacher. You're at the top of your game when you're defending America.
By Jim Treacher
I have a game? I mean, I have a game!
By Texas Bob
Say, why isn't Hillary wearing a hijab yet? I can't believe that the persons-of-no-description are tolerating this infraction of precious modesty. And I'm still waiting for a mass profession of islamic faith and repentance of the sinful ways from the left. They really need to get with the program.
By mcaffrey
Uh, I don't mean to be one of MoxArgon's lefties downplaying the plot, but it gives me great comfort that our terrorist enemies are so clueless as to ask American businesses to convert their VHS terrorist training tapes to DVD.
By DarkUrthe
McC, it concerns me if for every dumb one out there (Richard Reed, the Ft Dix 6 all of CAIR), how many smart ones are there?
By mcaffrey

Seriously, there hasn't been a successful attack in the US for 5 years. I think that if they had some intelligent sleeper agents ready to go, Al Qaeda would have sent word by now. Our enemy is poorly educated with weak infrastructure and leadership, but with vast numbers and fanatical dedication. So a sustained forward action in their part of the world keeps them out of ours.

By MiamiViceRepublican
Yet another reason why CNN is pushing us down the path of destruction.
By DarkUrthe
McC, I would agree that taking the war to them (or elsewhere) is better than fighting it here. But do not underestimate any enemy.

If Al Quiada was full of dummies they would not have had the "success" they have had.

Never underestimate the power of determined people. Islamists can afford to hope for luck, no life means much to them. We can't afford that privilage.

By dustrider
They only have to be smart once to do a lot of damage. Then the recriminations and finger pointing begins on why we were too stupid to see the obvious signs, especially after 9/11.

Now, if the Democrats in Congress can push through a bill mandating that all terrorists take IQ tests upon arrival in the United States, we can gauge which ones we need to follow, and which ones we can ignore.
By WaldoFeathers
DarkUrthe...Liberals are already denigrating "the minority" when and as Republicans make waves in the Happiness Magic Powertrip that are the Democrats in Congress. Just two days ago, I read that Pelosi spokesperson was denigrating Republicans who are making inquiry into Pelosi's (and husband's) water-deal as "the minority" complete with pitiable low tones:

From a news article carried by ...
By WaldoFeathers
News article quote...

"Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill said that she added the projects to the bill at the request of the Port of San Francisco and that her husband's holdings were not a consideration. It's "speculative at best' that they would benefit, Hammill said.

'This is another baseless attack from a Republican minority seeking to distract from real issues of the day,' said Hammill."...
By WaldoFeathers
"Minority" is the new Big Car. And it's clear what Big Cars are to Liberals.
By DarkUrthe
Pelosi as crooked as the rest of them... the duece you say! Next you will tell me Fienstein has been shunting money to her hubby... :)

But yeah, Waldo, the dems won;t let their promises stand in the way of doign business as usual...
By DarkUrthe
heh heh they said dix heh heh

This throwback joke to 1993 brought to you by Tampax Tampons.
By jd nyc
DarkUrthe & mcaffrey - re: "...for every dumb one out there...how many smart ones are there?"

Good News: it`s estimated that ‘only` 10% are radical

Bad News: 10% of 1.4 billion = 140 million

ummmm.....I think I`m going to have to side with DarkUrthe on this one.....
By Nilbog

I'm stupid. I have guns. And I have alot of really awesome illegal fireworks. So does that mean I'm "dangerous?" My dog certainly doesn't think so.
By DarkUrthe

The question on you being stupid is moot.

The real question is can I come over and launch pop bottle rockets.
By DarkUrthe
jd nyc, a scary statistic. As my wife puts it (and she is from a country surrounded by Muslim states that is not Isreal) for every hundred Muslims there will be a few who will cause real trouble. So even by her experience, that would be about 45 million. Still a scary number to think about.
By Nilbog
Bottle rockets? Nope. Its amazing how fast a dozen drunk guys can go through 500 bottle rockets and 1000 firecrackers. I got a dozen finned 1" diameter missles with warheads and about 50 2" mortar rounds (fire five tubes at the same time and you fill the sky with fireworks and the neighborhood with police cars.
By DarkUrthe
That sounds even better, though the cops showing up would be less than fun... I can't hop fences like I used to...

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