12:20pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By huckleberry
I'm sure Shaidle made an honest mistake, trying to lump you, TB and others together into some GenX Conservative bloc. No biggie. Her characterization sounded pretty close.

But wasn't it cool what she wrote, here... shaidle.blogmatrix.com/:entry:shaidle-2007-04-21-0001/
By Jim Treacher
Didn't you know it's "feminine" to allow bullets to penetrate you? I mean, that's pretty obvious.
By DarkUrthe
It is downright fey to get shot. GSW's are a personality disorder not physical truama.
By ZeldaC
This is some kind of disconnect. And I even agree with her to a large extent - right up until the victims get blamed.
By Jim Treacher
I'm pretty sure I only disagree with her on that one small matter, yes.
By huckleberry
"Didn't you know it's "feminine" to allow bullets to penetrate you?"

Are you saying only women bleed?
By lizard boy
Kathy Shaidle says: "When we say "we don`t know what we`d do under the same circumstances", we make cowardice the default position."

By lizard boy
She also says: "Yeah, I do find it not just odd but seriously disturbing that even conservatives can't believe that someone has considered what they'd do in X situation, and that X might involve something that we'd all previously seen only in a movie (thank God) and that makes it sound all weird and comical and arrogant and shit."

By lizard boy
We now "know" what it takes to get into Kathy Shaidle's pants: No cowards, only poseurs.
By Jim Treacher
All she needs now is a tin man and a talking lion.
By Texas Bob
Maybe Kathy has been trolling a little too much at Koz. She seems to have adopted their typical twist, skew, attack straw man tactic on this one. She's arguing against a position of her own fabrication. She`s starting to look like a donkey in elephant clothing to me.
By huckleberry
Hey, Jim Kalb has awakened from his publisher-imposed slumber, and has produced this response to Shaidle's post (turnabout.ath.cx:8000/node/1587). He manages to turn the subject on its ear.
By John from WuzzaDem
Damn, she's even making up shit *I* never said.


Straw Man
By Jim Treacher
Kalb's right about them candy-ass college boys. The more you learn, the weaker you get!
By huckleberry
Treach: Candyassedness aside, Kalb points out our over-specialization into fields of trivial pursuit. Think of the minions of Norman the android in STTOS "I am not programmed to respond in that area."
By Jim Treacher
Yes, completely relevant.

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