12:21pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the Fox News


By DarkUrthe
This is going to piss off Walt Disnety so much, he is gonna thaw and kick some Islamist ass.
By ZeldaC
I had a really good one made up to the Mickey Mouse song and now I forgot it.
By DarkUrthe
The girl who is on the show will sort of have an Annette moment like in the old Micky Mouse Club. Save instead of trying to hide her boobs, they remove her clitoris.

Yeah it is crass, but slightly less so then encouraging a whole new generation to subscibe to the same death cult their parents subscribe to.
By DarkUrthe
Is she saying Ezra doe snot have a good song? I always liked that Louisana rock trio...
By MoxArgon
I'm waiting for Jihadi Barney.

I hate you

You hate me

Me & my camel

Practice sodomy

With a button

& some semtex

& a really big blast

I'll be scoring some

Heavenly ass
By R.E.O. Speedwagon
Can we please kidnap these children and raise them on farms in the Midwest?
By DarkUrthe
Boystown in Nebraska isn;t so busy any more...
By dustrider
Honestly, given the subject matter and career goals of many Palestinians, Wile E. Coyote would have made a better kids show host than Mickey.
By DarkUrthe
Pretty much anyone not bent on genocide and having an ability to move on with their lives would be better role models.
By SimianWarhead
wow. now i don't feel so weird about stockpiling thousands of rounds of ammo.
By varminy
i love farfur mouse. as cartoon characters go he's funnier that the past season of family guy

By Shannan
FYI - Mice are also Haraam. One reason dogs (like Pluto) are Haraam is because they may have been... used for the pleasure of man in a sexual way. Apparently the danger of that is great. Hmmm.

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