12:23pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By DarkUrthe
The avarege car burnigns per night is soemwhere in the 100's. If that happened in the US people would be up in arms and the Nat Guard would be called in.

What is wrong with the French?

Strike that.

What is right, because that is a shorter list and the 400 character limit might kick in.
By lizard boy
After Sarkozy's election I hope France will become a positive in the Islamic war against Western Civilization. After all, it was the Franks who stopped the Muslim conquest of Europe in the 8th century.

Yes, yes, there are a lot of white flags between then and now, but we're gonna need all the friends we can get.
By DarkUrthe
Well, the cat may be out of the bag. As Andy pointed out last night it is predominatly the Muslims having all the kids in Europe.

Given the socialist cradle to grave nanny state that is most European Countries, all those kids are brought in at the support of the state Islamists so want to destroy...

Irony is a lot like humor, except sometimes it is not funny.
By lizard boy
I hate going down without a fight. Sarkozy's election can be a wake up call to western Europe.

Consider the irony, France doing something in pursuit of victory.
By DarkUrthe
Sarkozy seems like the right guy, but is it too late?
By wankette
It seems a good time to trot out that joke about why there are so many trees on the Champs-Elysees.*

*(Because the German army loves to march in the shade.)

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