12:15pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the Drinking alcohol is good


By rumsfeld_forever
David who?
By Jim Treacher
You tell me, I didn't mention his name...
By Texas Bob
I'm stationed in Germany and I can tell you this much: he's bigger than Ed Replenski over here. By a long shot too.
By Skip Harpman
Rummy; what was your DLAB score again? And how will you survive the harsh & brutal environment of DLI? The Monterey Peninsula is one of the cruelest environments on Planet Earth, yet somehow, some survive. Godspeed, brother.
By DarkUrthe
Man, KITT must be crying oil spots all over his garage...
By David N. Scott
I'm not gonna watch that video. I've seen drunks live and in person and it ain't funny. What a sad day. I mean, c'mon! It's the Hoff! Don't hassle the Hoff...

By David N. Scott
Er, not that video as in the embedded one. I mean the one being referred to.

By DarkUrthe
He should have covered up with that lit jean jacket from back in the day.
By conehead
Reminds me of squadron parties before the politically correct military.
By sawbuck
Middle aged German broads with disposable income are the only reason why this retreaded old sausage is still around.

By DarkUrthe
Middle Aged German broads need love too...
By Shannan
I took a pic of myself when I had a buzz. From that day forward I always make sure that everyone I am around when tippling is doing the same... not that I run with teetotalers.

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