12:18pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the Rolling Stone


By DarkUrthe
Where do cantelopes go for vacation?

John Cougar Mellon Camp
By Lord Sholto Douglas
By DarkUrthe
Mang, no year's supply of rice-a-roni for me...
By lizard boy
Click through to the Charlie Rose interview with Mellencamp and you can see he's been drinking from the Hairy Goblet of Vacuity.
By cutter
It's stunning how many people who **think** they understood the themes Orwell addressed in 1984 actually interpreted them 100% bass-ackward. You'd think they'd notice that whooshing sound and strong breeze as the key points whizzed right over their heads...
By PhillySteve
Hairy goblet
By David N. Scott
Well, to be fair, Orwell did consider himself a Socialist. I don't know how the guy what wrote the most horrifying and disturbing accounts of out of control governments ever managed to stay Socialist, but he was and thus we probably read a little selectively, too.

By PhillySteve
Squish mitten
By dustrider
If he went there and sang "This is Our Country" to those poor wounded soldiers, I don't want to hear the left ever complain about treatment of detainees at Gitmo ever again. We've never even thought of treating Islamic jihadists in such a barbaric manner.

By Texas Bob
I'd have more respect for the traitorous bastard if went to Syria and performed "Am Adoph Hitler Platz". At least that would be more true to his nature. That SOB and every swingin-richard like him can go to hell as far as I'm concerned. But keep your turn-coat ass OUT of US Army facilities. Prick.
By ZeldaC
Orwell was a democratic socialst, but given his anti-Stalinist views and efforts, I think he considered democracy more important than socialism. He also had a very clear view of the dangers of communist propaganda. I think most of us on the right in America would be on very familiar footing with Orwell today. Orwell never would have supported Castro or al Qaida.
By David N. Scott
True, true. America's left is a bit too sentimental, which doesn't seem to describe Orwell at all.
By ZeldaC
They're worse than sentimental. They're soft. They're too intellectually enfeebled to change their own diapers, so they use the most reprehensible, barbaric lunatics to do their dirty work.
By DarkUrthe
Zelda, any political party that is praying for us to lose the war in Iraq has some serious issues.
By MiamiViceRepublican
"We sleep safely in our beds at night only because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence upon those who would do us harm."

Another Orwell quote libs hate.

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