12:19pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the IMDb


By Borchy
I'm sad to see Katrina Szish is married.
By DarkUrthe
We hardly see Andy during the show, who knows what mychief he is up to...
By DarkUrthe
mischief I mean... curse my lousy typing skills...
By lizard boy
Damn your lousy typing skills. Your welcome.

In other news...

Knowing nothing of the show and looking at the IMDb page, you'd wonder why they don't call it Redeye w/ Katrina Szish.
By redeyes
I'm trying to make the change in IMDB, but they have a terribly byzantine process in place.
By Fluffy McNutters
It's quite strange how it lists Greg as being in one episode, while some broad has been on two times. I think Ron Paul has been on more times than that.

And the message board is quite entertaining.
By dustrider
Good thing Andrew's not involved with Loose Change. Mark Cubin announced he was going to distribute it, and look what happened to his basketball team (an upset loss that has Bush, Cheney and Halliburton's fingerprints all over it, I tell you...)

By DarkUrthe
Lizard Boy, cursing my bad only encourages it... my typing is ,apparently, an attention whore.
By SmartAss2U
What exactly is Greg's "English Title" ?
By wankette
THANK GOD...this must mean Andrew isn't really married to Tovah Feldshuh. That one had me weeping into this month's Modern Bride.

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