12:21pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the RedEyeRecap


By dustrider
Laurie was trying a wee bit too hard to Garafalo the panel for a show at 2 o'clock in the morning (even if it wasn't 2 a.m. for her).

As for the new set, I just hope it doesn't cause Andrew to hypo himself in the stomach one night and go mad, or Rachel to pick up an innocuous looking flip phone and phaser herself into non-existence (or MSNBC, whichever is more devoid of life).
By sarahk
Laurie was one of the most obnoxious guests ever. Of course, I'm a right-wing nutjob, so I would think that. (I don't call it "the rapture," so... whatever.) Also obnoxious was the fact that Greg almost never called on Laura Schwartz to talk. We liked Joel, he was funny.

Wait, you asked for my thoughts on the show last night, right?
By sarahk
Oh. I think it was Laurie who made the ridiculous comment that Christians are undersexed, and Greg seconded the notion.

I know two Christians (they live at my address) who are most definitely fully sexed. By each other (I don't know why I feel the need to clarify that here).

By Dr. Phat Tony
to (no children)SarahK:

By conehead
If God made anything better than sex, He kept it for Himself.
By SuperAwesomeMichael
The Laurie lady began the show trying to insult fox news, but when she realized that FNC is not the root of all evil she seemed to warm up. Her appearances should be few and far between. And 236.com has nothing on it.

But definitely have Maria from Yahoo on again and again and again(In Greg's voice).
By calgrammy
Laurie was trying way to hard to insult. Rachel as always was lame. The set is something I will have to get use to, just used to all the neon.
By DarkUrthe
Red Eye has some street cred... or at least the stage from a defunct comedy club.

Joking aside... I thought the new set was okay... I liked that there were antique liquore adverts on the wall behild Rachel.

Seemed like a good episode last night, not spectacular but representative of when the crew and guests.
By DarkUrthe
Rachel Hairy goblet riff was funny... I woke up my wife laughing...
By Mckenzie
The new Red Eye set looks like my grandma's basement where she runs a dominatrix dungeon. The show keeps getting better and better.
By Kilmata
Hello all, this is Laurie Kilmartin. 236.com is currently in beta, which means you can't see much unless you're privy to about 300 passwords. 23/6 will officially launch on May 21- sorry I didn't make that clear last night. It's a sister site to HuffPo, so I'm sure you'll hear all about it soon.

Yours in Christ,


By DarkUrthe
Can I plug my site too? It is exactly not like the HuffPo...
By DarkUrthe
Kirk was upset because that was the one chick he ran across that he never did tap. He should have taken that Bird Of Prey back just a little further...
By John Tabin
This was the first episode that my wife has watched; I don't think she was particularly impressed. If only she'd stayed up for the one with the puppets.
By tootsie
>>"Yours in Christ, Laurie">>

Oh, you're member of "Jews for Jesus!" From the "rapture" potshot on the show one could infer you had issues with this religion. How does a "Hail Hitler" strike you as a signatory?

If Christian men (or women) don't wish sex with you, it doesn't imply they are undersexed.

I just can't believe Laurie didn't work a "nucular" line in there. I guess that type never checks the expiration date on their jokes. The rest of the show was even better than usual.
By ZeldaC
I think Rachel Marsden is way way way too pretty to be saying things like 'hairy goblet.' I almost swallowed my tongue when I heard that, then I almost died laughing.
By Allen Smithee
"I almost swallowed my tongue when I heard that"

yes, that was depicted in Scene 17 of my recent project "Hairy Goblet and the Potter on Fire," - a spell is cast upon the wizards that renders all magic wands useless leading clever Hairy to a very special encounter...

ZeldaC: thanks for the mention!


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