6:16am on Tuesday the 19th of November
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By Dbot1800
Thor? My first choice to fix global warming would have been Storm. I mean think about it, it could be sunny and 73 degrees all the time except for the 15 minutes overnight when it would rain.
By Texas Bob
Super Heroes fighting Super Villains does more ecological damage than a Chinese coal-fired squeak-toy factory. This sounds more like a brutal Gaia gang rape than entertainment.

Wait a sec... Actually, a brutal Gaia gang rape sounds more entertaining than this movie does. Where can I buy tickets online?

By gallgizzard
Hold on, isn't Downey a druggy? Ooops maybe that is Ozzy Osborne? or Gwar? And what about that lost in space robot...Doesn't he drink too? Here here to the sequals! Bottoms up!
By rumsfeld_forever

And ummm... Robert Downey who?
By Plastik
shouldn't it be...

Dungeon Master Treacher?

I'm slightly worried now...

"Plus I'm a huge nerd."


I would have never guessed..

By mynameischris

how can one

top that?

By mynameischris
ps wtf happened to comicarzy? and girl news?
By DarkUrthe
If the movie follows Marvel canon Iron Man will slag Paltrow's character for betraying him...

I liked Morton Downey Jr when he did that talk show, seems like a stretch to make him Iron Man....
By DarkUrthe
mynameischris, apparently there are many pictures of semi-clad women on the internet... even naked. Or so I hear... maybe Google can find that stuff... :)
By salvator m
i'm surprised a greenie like paltrow would participate in the making of a blockbuster movie, as the ecological damage done during the production and marketing of this film is astronimical.

what about the children gweneth, what about the children??
By mynameischris
semi-clad, naked, whatever. i just want one that will deliver the hard news.
By Mckenzie
Wasn't Jon Favreau's character Gutter in the movie PCU inspired by the Gutman? Quote "I didn't exhale."
By rothaic
I don't let my kids watch super hero movies. Super heroes have powers my kids don't have and it damages their self-esteem. I think that we should celebrate mediocrity in film. That is why I encourage my kids to watch movies starring Ben Affleck.
By DarkUrthe
mynameischris, the AZN chick on naked news...

rothaic, back in the dark days of the 80's there was a comic called Normalman...
By mynameischris
darkurthe - i actually saw her once... pot rally at queen's park in toronto... can't remember a thing she was talking about though... funny how that happens...


By DarkUrthe
mynameischris, becuase she was naked or you were baked? (not that the two are mutually incompatible...)
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