12:13pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the Fortune


By Plastik
The return of IMUS

In this episode, IMUS confronts the evil oppressors and in one fell swoop gets P A I D!

FORTY MILLION for improper termination and HE STILL HAS the NAPPY HEADED HO sound bite.

Looks like a win win for Donny I!!

And the Dastardly Les(bo) Moonves is heard saying. Well it's only 40 million plus 0ne HUNDRED MILLION a year in lost advertising. Thats like 10 million a HO!

By sawbuck
Testifying on DI's behalf will be some of the kids at his 'ranch'. CBS, fearing negative publicity from a protracted trial, will settle for an undisclosed amount. After his attorney's take their cut he will have enough left over to buy new sheets and pillowcases at the ranch and take the kids to Mc Donald's.
By dustrider
I'd say he should sue MSNBC as well, but having watched a few minutes of the Stephanie Miller Show the past couple of mornings -- comedy so leaden it could block gamma rays -- I'd say MSNBC is already wallowing in its own Capas-spawned hell to the point nothing Imus could do could make things any worse than they are already.
By Right...
I hope Mr. Imus has the sense to sue for damages plus costs. Perhaps this will shut the mouths of the two most racist people in America. Yes, I am talking about Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton!

By DarkUrthe
The current Mendoza Line for Sharton shuttign up is abotu 345,000 dollars. But it has been a few years since the Brawley fiasco, so make sure to add in inflation.
By DarkUrthe
The funny bit is he will lose. While he has a right to say what he likes, that does not imply CBS has the mandate to pay him to do so. If they don't like what he says, they can fire him (or whatever is within his contract for grounds to be fired).

He can get his own radio station and broadcast what he likes, but within this context CBS is in the legal right. They are also pussies.
By Jim Treacher
The thing in his contract about being given a warning before they fired him, I think that'll be the issue.
By Fluffy McNutters
I don't understand why he's using a 1st Amendment lawyer instead of a contract lawyer, since that seems to be the focus of the case.

And speaking of Imus' looks, someone on The Tonight Show last night said he looked like a werewolf who hasn't finished his transformation. He is a strange looking man and he obviously doesn't pay $400 for his haircuts.

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