12:14pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the Washington Post


By Nilbog
Your headline is funnier than anything Billy Crystal has ever said.

To be clear, this is a commentary on the worthlessness of the award, not the quality of your quip.

Only the Nobel Peace Prize has been won by more unworthy recipients.
By sawbuck
I liked the oscars much better when Mark Twain hosted.

By sawbuck
And SNL was funnier when Oscar Wilde was producing.

"Don't get me started!!!"
By DarkUrthe
Remember when Billy Chrystal used to be funny? Me neither.

By Borchy
I tend not to believe in Zionist conspiracies, but I find no other reason for the prolonged careers of Billy Crystal, Albert Brooks and Robert Wuhl.
By Plastik
I see that and I think..

Golem Golem....

My pretty is the ring of my dork .. come here my pretty..


By DarkUrthe
Borchy, It is the Tony Danza Theory. Hollywood is essecially lazy. They will go with a crappy known quantity rather than risk doing something new. Ergo if a second tier star is desperately needed they call Tony Danza becuase he (likely) really isn't busy...
By danredmond
He was kinda funny in Soap and Throw Momma from the Train. He was never, ever funny on SNL- never. Then he passed away. This award is posthunous right?
By dustrider
Well, if he'll do this routine at the Kennedy Center, it will make for some of the most cringeworthy entertainment of all time. Plus, it will be sending a message in person to that evil BusHitler Rosie would approve of (even if some of the saner HuffPo folks didn't):


By lizard boy
What is Giuliani doing in this post, and why is he taking a dump on a pool table?

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