12:15pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By mcaffrey
What the hell is that last chick saying?

"You're safe if your utterances fall within range of those expressed by the New York Times."

I know you are thinking "sarcasm, idiot", except that I got this strange vibe that it wasn't. You know that feeling you get when an elevator is going down kinda fast? Something like that, but not as fun.
By R.E.O. Speedwagon
Greg, lefties have little to no sense of humor. You know that. They think Bush saying "Iran" instead of "Iraq" is the pinnacle of political humor.
By dustrider
Brian Lehrer's comments show the key to freedom of speech -- just go after Bush, the way Stern has for the past three years, and those on the left will give you complete absolution (but didn't Imus trash Bush? -- Yes, my child, but he and others on the show trashed Democrats as well, so Imus' free speech rights are voided. Now, lets go get that potty-mouthed David Broder...)

By Jim Treacher
I especially liked the comment from "RealName":

By natesnake
John Favreau?

Dinner for Five?
By ClydeS
Grim humorless liberals fail to recognize humor. Dog bites man.

I do hope that Peter and Erectionides weren't so busy commenting on Greg's post that they missed attending their May Day parades. The party cadre will not forgive them if they did!

Пролетарии всех стран, с&...
By ClydeS
Damn the Stakhanovite 400-charater limit!

Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь!
By mcaffrey
Treacher, click on [Read RealName's other letters] from your link. That dude posted 437 comments on Salon in the last MONTH. Keep that in mind next time you're complaining about us losers who have nothing better to do than comment on dailygut.

It could be worse.

By Nilbog
Congrats DarkUrthe - your pathetic 2nd Amendment "logic" has been coopted by the old gutster Himself and used on the world famous website Salon.com to lampoon "hate speech!"
By sawbuck
When you see Salon, just think of seated rows of busybodybiddies with those big air-bag-with-hose-attached hair dyers on their heads while getting a manicure and lots of old issues of People magazine laying about. The level of discourse at both places is about the same.
By Jim Treacher
I don't have a problem with commenters. It's a bit more specific than that.
By DarkUrthe
Greg, if they ever do a thumb version of Red Eye... Steve Oedekerk won't have to find a thumb double for you...
By DarkUrthe
Nilbog, write something worth copying and get back to me.
By DarkUrthe
Nilbog, thanks for the pathetic call-back though...

I sorta doubt The Gut co-opted my commentary... and if he did I think a picture of Fluffy McNutter holding an assult rifle should come my way... Jokes don't write themselves ya know.
By Plastik
Thumb ball lee na...

I've seen more handsome faces on chimps.. but then again I haven't seen all the chimps....

By Berrka
Honestly, I feel a little robbed. I was the first one (in the history of ever) to make the 1st Amendment to 2nd Amendment comparison in response to DarkUrthe's stupid (or brilliant trolling?) unspeakable truth. (check it out, its still on the first page)

That being said Greg has to deal with Salon and their readers, so he has paid for his crime already.
By Berrka
My bad, second page
By Berrka
My bad, second page
By DarkUrthe
Berrka, I will go with brilliant. Look at the play that riff got... assuming Greg based his riff of of it...

I find it pretty funny how poorly you and Nilbog reacted to that. I guess that is my punishment from you two... I think Greg made out like a bandit on this joke...

By Berrka
Ah Dark, did I react poorly? Or was it an elaborate re-troll? Like a setter in volleyball, just pushing that ball a little higher to set up the spike.

That being said I agree, Greg we will go on strike if we don't get a little something something for our help.

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