12:18pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By R.E.O. Speedwagon
Didn't Mariel Hemingway already play an Anna Nicole Smith doppleganger on Law and Order?
By Auhin_
There was a Coulter-inspired character on Law & Order too.
By Allen Smithee
Sharon Lawrence?

it depends on the budget and whether or not Laura Innes is on hiatus from ER

either way, this has Allen Smithee written all over it!
By DarkUrthe
What about Melissa Gilbert? Dye her hair, a horrible make up job... and she will do any TV movie.
By Borchy
This has Lifetime written all over it. But I don't see Sharon Lawrence in the role. It'll probably go to someone from Designing Women (not the black dude).
By Dan Collins
Heck, Leo DiCaprio is starting to look like Nicholson.
By Dan Collins
Personally, though, I'd like to see Dana Carvey get the role.
By dustrider
Actually, I think she's a closer fit to a younger Meryl Streep, but despite the wonders of CGI that could make the Oscar winner look like it's 1983 again, this movie is going to call for at least one semi-risque gratuitous sex scene, so that eliminates Meryl from consideration.
By ZeldaC
I think she looks like Mary McDonnell from Battlestar Galactica.
By Capitalchick
I think Anna Nicole should be played by my talented blow-up doll, "Edith" (not her real name). Upside: No union fees, no CGI. Downside: Resemblance is actually frightening.
By sawbuck
Complete Hoax. This woman is no 'madam'. She needs another 100 lbs., half a dozen tatoos, a dangling cigarette and a few less teeth before I'll believe she's a 'broker'.
By sawbuck
Forgot to mention: facial bruises, ill-fitting wig, and trucker's vocabulary.
By Dr. Morbius
Zelda beat me to it... I also think she resembles Mary McDonnell.

And can you blame Melissa Gilbert? Hubby Boxleitner's checks from doing those cheezy SciFi Channel movies prolly barely pays the mortgage...
By mojo__
If this was a Mike Hammer novel, she'd be released by the cops, then mysteriously end up face-down in the Potomac, and "the book" would be in the hands of a vicious scoff-law named "Digby" or some such. Woe betide the Congress!

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