12:21pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the NewsBusters


By dustrider
She'd probably be more sympathetic if she used her Pee Wee Herman voice from that TV movie when she makes these remarks.
By Skip Harpman
In the same way that the beached whale carcass in Oregon that some yahoo decided to dynamite rather than bury has become rather dark & amusing folklore, so has Rosie. Her limitations are limitless. Her bounds know no bounds. Her ignorance could fill volumes. You get the picture, & it's a wide screen print.
By DarkUrthe
Rosie can pretty say whatever she wants, what are they going to do fire her?
By DarkUrthe
Whereas many whales feed on krill, Rosie feeds on bottomless shrimp cocktails at upscale Manhattan restaurants.
By Donald4
If a Radio Talk Show Host would of said those things they would be fired,if it was Rosie,she would get away with it,but she has the right to say those outragous comments.I just hope she does not eat too much shrimp cocktails.
By Auhin_
What would Rosie have us call the people bombing civilians and disemboweling children? Agrarian reformers?

Just remember, Jabba the Hutt was killed by a slender, good-looking woman dressed in a metal bikini. Get Ann out here, please.
By sawbuck
Some other words Rosie reacts negatively toward: religion, firearms, douche.
By DarkUrthe
Michelle Malkin would be a better analog for Princess Leah... Carrie Fisher was kinda wee. Coulter is more like Chewbacca after a hefty waxing...
By wrn0321
unfortunatly that anti american pig wont just fade into obscurity. cbs and nbc are actually offering her a deal to compete on daytime tv. it is a shame, don imus makes a comment in jest (on his satirical show) and is fired and rosie makes comments on a news segment of her show and is praised and rewarded by the networks. maybe she will take a job and we can still hear her bs
By Fluffy McNutters
Who watches The View anyway?!

Rosie reminds me of the weirdo people who are on infomercials at 4:00 in the morning.
By SmartAss2U
Rosie is walking proof that there is a need for a Berka in todays Great America!!
By nomad
i cant add anything to this, the picture with the article says it all!
By Right...
When I first saw the picture of the beached whale I thought it was Rosie. I apologize to the whale.
By ZeldaC
Here's a partial list of words and phrases that scare me:






Lesbian picnics (Would you mind tossing that salad?)


excessive sweating

macular degeneration


By heldmyw

You all should be far more understanding about Rosie's dysfunctions.

After all, it's not easy being Jabba's homely lesbian daughter, and having to change your last name from "the Hutt".

By DarkUrthe
She is more liek the Rancor Beast...after it let itself go...
By sawbuck
She's definitely a Reek just because the name suits her better.
By conehead

Pie-hole? Don't be afraid of the pie-hole, embrace it.

Rosie, on the other hand, gives "pie-hole" a bad name. Maybe "crab-hole" or "force-feed-yourself-chitlins-and-grits-hole".

Later: Haiku.
By DarkUrthe
Look at her maw... she is the Rancor!
By DarkUrthe
Rosie never goes to the beach... people keep trying to push her back into the ocean.
By Sodapop
do the other retards in the show even speak at all ? just elizabeth n rosie seem to talk and yeah who watches that gay show anyways and foxxx stop promoting their shittttttt

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