12:11pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the FurIsDead.com


By sawbuck
DRILL-sergeant! Too easy!!!
By bluefox
I don't think she got the context. She is more of a neatly trimmed or shaven kind of girl.
By Skip Harpman
"I'd rather wear skanky tatoos than fur"; "I'd rather undress for teenage masturbators than obey the U.S.Military code of conduct"; Frankly, I'd rather see her killing Jihadis than worrying about P.C. B.S. But Jim would rather see her funbags.So would Greg. Maybe. Probably.
By Jim Treacher
Seeing her funbags WOULD kill Jihadis!
By Skip Harpman
Right you are, Jim. My bad. Their "filthy whores" (Arabic for Women) have nothing on ours!
By DarkUrthe
How does she feel about beaver?
By salvator m
i'd rather see her go naked then wear fur, or anything...the problems is that most women NEED to be covered before they go out...have you been to a beach lately? full length furs would definitely improve the scenery.
By David N. Scott
That continues to be a very counter-intuitive part of the 'I'd rather go naked than wear fur' campaign. Is there some problem with beautiful women going naked?

This is probably verboten to point out, but does it bother anyone else that someone known for training soldiers to kill people is against killing animals? I mean, she's a drill sergeant.
By dustrider
Next time they raid a testing lab to free experimental animals, PETA needs to bring Michelle along -- either clothed as a group leader, or in her now-better known outfit as a decoy.
By DarkUrthe
I certainly hope she never gets sick, after all bovine based materials are rampant in medicine. She wouldn't want to look like a hypocrite or anything....

And is it really nude if she covers her vagina and tits? No... it is just slightly clothed,
By Plastik
Rosie would rather munch fur than go naked...

Come to think of it where Michelle is concerned is concerned so would I..

Oh Hell no..

I'm comming out of the closet....

I'm a lesbian trapped in a biker dudes body.


By DarkUrthe
That would be a heck of a shot...
By sawbuck
I know the Marines have a slogan, 'Death before dishonor'.

Is the Air Force slogan 'Nudity before demotion'?
By DarkUrthe
Marine, bullets flying over heard, arty fallign from thwe sky, says "This sucks."

Army guy pulling guard duty in the rain says, "This sucks."

Navy guy on the deck of the ship, massive storm blowing says, "This sucks."

Air Force guy sitting on a comfy chair watching TV, storm brewing outside, cable signal is out says, "This sucks."
By Nilbog
Is this post a replacement for the now defunct "Girl News?"

Don't think we didn't notice...
By sawbuck
He might as well pull the plug on 'COMICARZY', too. That feature's been without a pulse for months.
By Cuneos
How did she perform those stunts with such small feet?
By George
Cool name too!
By conehead
For all you hopeless masturbators out there:


Hope the link still works. My original drill sergeant was a black guy who kicked peoples asses for fun.
By DarkUrthe
I would like to think of us as hopeful masturbators...
By jd nyc
DarkUrthe -

you dare mock the COMFY CHAIR??

have you forgotten the Spanish Inquisition??!

the comfy chair was one of their chief weapons! yes, the comfy chair and fear - two of the chief weapons employed.....

along with the element of surprise! So that's THREE, yes three of the......


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