12:15pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By Cracajac
personally if he could jus get control of himself and shape up he'd be good but um yea that sound's like andy dick, every time i see him on tv he is actin a fool in a bad way
By Texas Bob
How many cowards idly stood by and did nothing while this maniac went from one heinous groping to the next....

Ah, never mind, that joke is really getting tiresome...

Who IS this goober anyway? I`m stationed in Germany and since I don`t watch TV I`ve never heard of him. He could pass for a German shoe salesman though.

By dustrider
If only the showbiz world was really clammoring for another Andy Kaufman, we might see this Andy's outward rage turned towards more creative purposes.

But he'd still be a dick, anyway.
By Nilbog
If you see Andy Dick and don't run away, can you really complain if you get groped, poked or diddled? C'mon its like hanging out with Rip Taylor and complaing about the confetti in your hair (and with Rip, be glad that's all that's in your hair).
By mojo__
Shouldn't that be "Hyperactive dick Andy Comic"?

SB "word": fguego - it's like spanish fire with an extra "g"!
By daylate
Apparently he "felt" that where there was grope ...there was hope.
By sawbuck
Andy, hang in there. Remember the words of Jesse Jackson: DOWN WITH DOPE-UP WITH GROPE!
By DarkUrthe
Does this mean Andy Dick is going to start doing telethons?

By conehead
Dustrider beat me on the obligatory "This guy is such a dick" statement. Good one.
By Point5
Tom Cruise dancing on Oprah's couch, Mel "Sugartits" Gibson. Bah. Pikers.

Andy Dick is grade A, advanced crazy. We need more celebrities exactly like him. Then, finally, there would be a real need for ET!.

So many photographers willing to take photos of Britney's crotch, but none of them willing to do anything about it. Andy, where were you when we needed you.
By DarkUrthe
Ms Spears kooch has done more as of late than her mouth...
By salvator m
i think andy dick is pauly shore in a disguise, or is pauly shore andy dick in make up? either way...who cares?

it's not like he's boy george, chaining up guys and assaulting them with sex toys.
By nor cal ken
"What has he ever done to you?"

Well, he's never made me laugh, but maybe he's just not trying...
By DarkUrthe
Andy Dick made me laugh... once... but I was young and naive...
By Plastik
Look guys.. A.Dick without Brains!!! Women have told us for years to stop thinking with our little heads because they have no brains, they maybe right this time cause this is the most brainless Dick I have ever seen and as a rule I usually don't pay attenton when I see A.Dick.

By jd nyc
I heard he was forced to stop using pseudonyms because he was going broke from the fines....Truth In Advertising Laws are there to protect the consumer, after all

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