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By matt m.
This case presents many potential legal questions. Does it matter what the gender of the animal/animal fucker is? Does it matter which orifice? What if you behead the dog, then penetrate its windpipe? Since oral sex with a live being requires using the mouth/esophagus, could this even be considered "sexual" penetration?
By matt m.
Does it matter if the animal displays consentual behavior? What if the animal isn't of legal age? What is the legal age? Would it be a mitigating factor if you were gangfucked by animals/people dressed like animals as a child? What if the animal was dressed like a whore? Is third base okay? What about the people who jerk horses off to collect sperm?
By BoscoH
Good lord. I just want to know what the Craig Kilborn reference is about. Or maybe I don't. Forget it, I don't.
By Vanilla Vice
Who cares? I'm busy staring at Kevin Godlington's hot biceps. Greg, I no longer have a crush on you. Kevin is now the new object of my obsession...
By h8f8kes
Isn't necrophelia a victimless crime? He should have got a room.
By JackReacher
I just want gender fairness. I just heard that 3 female dog trainers, (teachers), were arrested for having sex with dead dogs.

After being convicted, they only served 2 days in jail. This poor bastard that was playing "hide the salami" with a dead dog will be jailed forever over his inadvertent error.
By BoscoH
I guess I should feel guilty for live blogging in this thread... But my dog insisted."Like project runway w/o the vomit encrusted platforms." W/Rachel, Bill, tie guy, and chick that looks like Courtney Cox. Cheney... HuffPost got angry like Al Queada. He said "nutbags" again! Joel Mowbray -- purple tie, pink shirt, red hair. Bill is full of crap. Julia Allison -- two first names.
By BoscoH
Blog comments lower our inhibitions. Julia is kinda hot. (See, Joel is right.) Rachel just called us all basement dwellers. Greg misses living at home. Julia also has great teeth. Iran... how do we deaal with them? Joel says Iran not helpful, kinda sour. Hegemony -- note to self, google that. Shall we blow up Iran? Rachel yes. Womans of mass destruction. Nice slip Bill.
By BoscoH
Nigeria... another n word -- wrong thread. No gay porn there. Muslim treatment of gays. Gay Palestinians get stoned. Our gay activists are too isolationist. Greg's art. Kevin Spacey, some dude, George Michael, space shuttle, and a cat. Julia won it. Louis Farrakhan... Conyers was there. Hugo Chavez book club. Bill's bow tie theory. Unbuttoned shirt disturbing. Break. Hah! picked the right thread!
By BoscoH
Greg touching himself. Sex with roadkill. Not bestaility, just sodomy. "Wowwa!" Necro and bestie cancel each other out. OK, wait, this was his gf's dog. "Don't beat a dead horse" -- Joel. Then Bill takes the obvious joke. Greg find Pomeranian dogs hot. Julia is smart too. Causality vs. correlation. Delinquency and early sex. Joel is pro statutory rape laws. Proves kids needs sports. Huge vacuum.
By BoscoH
College students narcissistic. You are special, you are special. Look at me! Self esteem is a scam. Losers are still winners. Affects bf/gf relationship, bf/dead dog relationships. Break. Ashlan Gorse, Greg only knows women with great teeth. Gwyneth Paltrow - parenthood is cool. Ashlan -- air quotes ("their stamp") not allowed. GP is cool, she's great. Scarlett visiting starving kids.
By BoscoH
Bill is for big beautiful breasts, Greg talks about soup kitchen syndrome. Ashlan would like her to do it occasionally. Not just PR, an act of atonement. All about ego. Grew up in snow globe (another blow reference). Break. Up next: incest. Not ok with a dead dog. (my editorial opinion). Why won't she call? Halftime. Julia was right, even if she didn't say anything. Drawing. The "loophole". ick.
By BoscoH
Loophole is to kill animal, then have sex with it. If you kill the dog, he can't talk. Andy just did airquotes with "stamp". He was being ironic (right Andy?). Incest... Germany. Anti-eugenics movement. Bro and Sis having kids with disabilities, Edwards campaign needs more bloggers. Who are we to judge love? Greg's sister is indeed hot. Rudy married 2nd cousin. Greg had hot cousin.
By BoscoH
Prince Charles is a giant prick. No kidding. Wants to ban Big Mac. Princess Di used to take the boys there. Joel lost 80 pounds in 5 months eating 3 double cheeseburgers, no bread. Break. Ashlan is back. Julia's birthday. Hey it's my grandmother's birthday today too! Brain-gelina joins CFR. She could sit on Greg's board. Julia's dad is a CFR member. He's a litigator.
By BoscoH
Britney... Doctors say post pardum depression. Ashlan's heart goes out to her. Greg would be home partying if he had it. Bill gave birth to a beautiful brown baby, flushed it down. What does Brook Shields think about this? Celebs can't own up to drug use. Eddie Murphy, sore loser, bolts. Ashlan will be on again. Break. Greg's mom. Black book with 12 celeb's name. Tommy Lasorda, Bruce Willis.
By BoscoH
Stock market is scary. House is better than stocks. Diversification. She's a sexy Warren Buffet, but it's just common sense. The economy is tough to figure out. Could it be that Koalas have lesbian tendencies. (Eat bush and leaves). Bill O'Reilly was ranting. If only you could get her to say "falafel". Break. Greg dancing. Viewer mail. Kelle Payne -- Greg made it up. Chris wrote a poem.
By BoscoH
Ralinda wants Greg's mom to have her own store. Bob Wolf wanks to Rachel. Has foot fetish. Ellic likes the show too! Andy, tomorrow's news today. Straightorade. Half Jewish, half psychic, incredible guilt about seeing the future. Dragons. Guys with facial hair, what are they hiding? Smithsonian wants loophole drawing. Directions to the farm. Happy Birthday Julia. Bill don't sing.
By BoscoH
Bill has public hair spackled to his face. Singing alqueda or alpaccino or something like that and Greg won't join him. TTFN.
By natesnake
One of my ex-girlfriends worked for Kilborn on the Daily Show. She said he was uber-creepy, pale as a vampire, and openly discussed banging hookers for sport.

I wish I could have met him.

By OtisWild
So, mechanically, wouldn't a man be too large to fit in a dog?

(well, maybe not Kilborn)
By heldmyw
Isn't that Fabulous! Necrophilio-bestio-sodomoni-perverto-rama at the "Little Toots" daycare.

And the guys lawyer says that "... Michigan's statute on sodomy and bestiality is vague and does not outlaw sex with a dead dog..."

Like you would have to spell that out? Geez honey! I mean... Damn!

By jakewashere
The most depressing part about this is that they actually had to pass a LAW to tell us bestiality is wrong. When you actually have to make it a punishable offense, there's clearly too many people doing it.
By SimianWarhead
Escape prosecution- go to New Jersey or Massachusetts.
By Schmofo
Hey! It was a GIRL DOG! I ain't no queer.

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