9:12am on Friday the 6th of December
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By Kev from Blighty
wanks together stays together.. insteresting!

I would also like some pixelation. Over my face day to day. I tend to agree Bill is not gay, but he may well end up so if he continues to grow his hair.
By matt m.
Hey this guy deserves a little respect, please. All he was trying to do was anonymously gang-fuck three young chicks, okay? What if it's his way of crying out for help? I could understand the outrage if he'd raped the girls, then beat the shit out of them, then shot them, then cut their faces off, then fucked them again. But this?
By Jim Treacher
Get well soon to Mrs. Gutfeld!
By Kev from Blighty
i have used that excuse before, it didnt help
By Berrka
I didn't know there was a world sex championship. Any chance they show the old ones on ESPN Classic late at night?
By BoscoH
On that same note Greg, we were all looking at Catie's chest, not your note cards. Hope your Mom feels better!
By death valley
Must be hard being your mom.

I mean, like she's been on the job for years.

If she ever wants a night off,

maybe Mama Zarq could stand in for her?
By ClydeS
Rule #1 for guys in amateur gangbang movies: Always bring your black Lone Ranger mask! However, even if you don't, remember, the viewers aren't going to be looking at you, anyway. The chicks make the money, the dudes just do it for the love of the game.
By stinky
Look, I don't know what this post is about because I mistakenly didn't read it. Society is probably to blame. The point I wanted to make is that the gay guy (Chad?) should not harp on Rachel's accurate depictions of the Clinton years so much, and the Ombudsman (Biff?) should accept that Rachel is eruditer than he.

By stinky
In other news, is Rachel single? If so, would she be interested in meeting a new guy? I don't like to brag, but I'm 240 lbs of greatness. Yes, I'm only 4'8", but dynamite comes in small packages!
By stinky
True, the hair I have left on my head after a viscious attack of male pattern baldness is mostly 'silver', but she won't notice it because there is so little of it left. To be fair, you should mention that I don't have a job at the moment, but I have prospects! I'm currently considering accepting a position at the prestigious 'Golden Arches' restaurant.
By stinky
The perks are self-evident (adding bacon to an order costs NOTHING to employeess). Also, I'm 59. Please forward my number to Rachel so I can hear from her soon!

Thx in advance.

By stinky
End your '400 char max' BS now. As a guy named Tim is my witness, I shall remove you from my TiVo if you don't finx this minor problem.

Put it this way. If you don't remove your silly 400 char max rule, Arianna Huffington wins.
By Schmofo
stinky is a tough act to follow, so I'm just not going to say anything at all. Not even this.
By JackReacher
Go stinky!

I think that guys face was pixelated to start with but the ravages of his old acne scars offset the video enhancement.

Why doesn't someone submit a clip of the gal with the nice bazookas? I had to miss last night. I was out jogging, (to the 7-11 for some cigs.)
By Mark V.
Isn't it some kind of sin to talk about bukkake and your mother in the same blog post?

P.S. What's bukkake?
By stinky
Bukkake is some kind of Italian sportscar. Both the uncle and the nephew love fast cars. Pretty sure. It's not clear how this plays into the porn aspect of the story though.

In other news, is Greg's Mom single? If so, would she be interested in meeting a new guy? I don't like to brag, but I'm 240 lbs of... well, you know the rest. Call me, Greg's Mom!
By ElleKabong
Ummmm...I call dibs on Stinky!
By Berrka
This place is turning into Adult Friend Finder of the damned. Wait, isn't that redundant?
By JackReacher
Bukkake usually turns into a buttache at some point.
By Berrka
You speak from experience?
By stinky
"This place is turning into Adult Friend Finder of the damned."

What the...? Is that directed at me? I have half a mind to march up the basement stairs and ask my Mom to borrow the car so I can drive to your house and smack you one!

But I'd have to bathe and shave before I went, and I just did that a few days ago. I'm gonna let it slide this time Berrka.
By JackReacher
don't forget to rotate your underwear ... label to the front this week.
By Berrka
Jack, between the bukkake info and you advocating we all have our underwear flys in the rear I am starting to wonder about you.
By stinky
Hygene tip: If you flip your underwear inside out, you can wear it for another five days.

This tip is for us gutfans only. DO NOT share this info with other, non Rachel-centric websites. [continued next comment, since the 400 char anti-freedom/peace/somethingorother rule is still in effect]
By stinky
By the way, your show is great, Greg! How does Rachel feel about that? The ombudsman is hilarious too! Does Rachel like him? I love the guests you have, especially Mr. Breitbart. How does Rachel feel about your guests? The sky was awfully blue today. Do you know if Rachel likes the color blue?
By stinky
j/k of course. I am a fan of Rachel's opinions, but I'm WAY too lazy to keep up this level of infatuation. She IS pretty cool though, even though she was apparently appalled by a stranger asking her hand in marriage via email on Friday.

ThisdespiteKatie's brilliant 'pro-bazoomba' stance on theverysame show. I would thin she'd be grateful that her brains beat Katie's boobs. That's just me thoug...
By stinky
spaces removed to fit into the 400 char dailygut mold. That's why it looks so weird. If you can't beat em, conform.
By Berrka
Stinky, Rachel was only appalled by the compliment that other guy paid her because she is obviously saving herself for you. Go to her, it is your destiny.

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